An Anniversary


Today is the six year anniversary of moving into the Cottage Street house in the Arbor Springs. A July 2nd night. Bugs were buzzing. The Independence Day celebrations were already way. I don’t know if I really call it a great anniversary because that house did not have many good memories.

It was a small house tucked into a corner of the college campus of Arbor Springs University, a liberal arts college where the students are required to go to church service every day. The floor was a lush forest green. The kitchen was tiny and the basement was spacious and heated with a working washer and dryer. My two sisters made a room down there. The kitchen had a stove that could have started a massive fire as it was not up to safety standards, having been installed way before 2000. The wall behind the stove would blacken and char as the heat in the area rose, because of the flammable wallpaper. This stove was eventually replaced with a modern one that had a cooling vent above it to filter out the smoke/heat. I still remember the old stove/oven sitting out in the front yard, being taken away by the local fire department.


Author: Macbofisbil

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