Youth Pastime

That’s a funny word. Pastime. I always thought it should be two words. Pass time as in something you do to pass the time. Baseball is still called America’s pastime though it has started to die out in favor of faster sports and activities.

One of the favorite things about being a kid in the old days was going out and throwing a baseball. Now in the 2010s decade, that activity isn’t so prominent anymore with all the techno gadgets floating around, which I don’t mind because it makes life more interesting.

This video is from a baseball game from last year that we went to. The home team won 6-0. I went to my first baseball game at six years old at the old Tiger Stadium, which is now likely to inhabit actual live tigers (and other wildlife) because it is so neglected.


Author: Macbofisbil

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3 thoughts on “Youth Pastime”

  1. Baseball is still one of my favorites…. although, it is now difficult to watch an entire game. I no longer know many of the names of players??? I am going to possibly enjoy basketball more this season. Two of my favorites are now on the same team- Curry and Durant. The only players I now try to follow are the ones who go to DUKE.

    1. Baseball is still entertaining to me, if and when a favorite team of mine is in the playoffs. It’s changed now to fit modern times and be a little faster and accurate. I have to say I’m a fairweather basketball fan since I gravitate towards the team that is the hottest, which would be the Warriors last year just until the final game vs Cleveland.

      1. I enjoy the playoffs as well. I really don’t follow teams. I follow players. I do try to know the players on DUKE University’s teams for soccer, basketball, and baseball.

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