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I am sometimes so clumsy and forgetful that I end up losing something important. This could be credit/debit cards or microSD cards (which BTW, is the name everyone uses for those tiny cards, even if they aren’t made by SanDisk). That is why I have had to spend so many dollars on those small cards, wanting to have one for my camera and phone so I don’t have to keep switching out. I’ve also lost my share of guitar picks (they’re awkward to use anyway).

I’ve tripped and fallen over various shoes, kicking them out of the way in frustration, even swearing at them. The shoes then proceed to just stare at me in a mocking way, sitting on the spot, as if it isn’t their fault. This is the same with the cupboard doors. I’ll hit my melon sized head on one as I raise it from the counterspace, yowling in pain, slamming the culprit really hard. Really stupid because a dish breaks or something falls off the wall, like a mirror, shattering into many shards, little pieces I don’t notice being stepped on later (like but happened a couple weeks ago).

There was once a clumsy lad named Mike
Whose dad never taught him to ride a bike
He fell to the ground
And broke his crown
That was the end of that knight


The spelling of the word “clumsy” in the title refers to the character K. Lumsy in Donkey Kong 64, the big monster that was somehow locked in a cage too big for the rock enclosure it was in.

Author: Matthy

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