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I feel as if I have transformed a lot over the years. When comparing 2016 me with the version of me 16 years ago, at the start of the millennium, there is a major jump. Like a caterpillar evolving into a beautiful butterfly, I have opened up to so much more.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve gone from a pathetically shy and awkward kid to someone who at least has a bigger outlook on life and can stand up for himself. My voice is louder than it has ever been but in my mind I still many mountains to climb. There is still so much I have got to accomplish in this life. I want to see places I have dreamed about since I was little. I want to go to far off countries, I want to travel to exotic locations. I want to reach my full potential. I feel like a pot with a lid on it that is shaking madly on the stove, the heated contents wanting to explode out of the container, pushing up against the lid that is threatening to burst off.

I like the way my life is right now but I am nowhere content on keeping it that way. There is still much more to do, still more to come over the horizon.


Author: Matthy

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