Cyber Monday

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Cyber Monday is officially over, which is a little sad because I didn’t get a chance to really look at deals I could pick up on for tech and more.

This is not really a day I care for since there is hardly anything I want to buy that is within my normal budget. It’s so overhyped and oversaturated in my opinion with multiple Black Fridays being scattered throughout the year already. I figure that you can get good deals on items anytime of the year, not just on this day that is only around to cash in on the after-Thanksgiving holiday and generate more sales for online and department stores. What a way to generate more traffic to your website as well and generate more revenue.

Sites like and eBay always have items discounted from their original prices on big sites like Amazon.

I tried finding something that I desired today that was a “good deal” but gave up after a couple searches because it just wasn’t worth it to buy one thing because of the excuse being “Cyber Monday”.


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