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I came up with this name in 2012 while sitting at a computer desk. It was originally the name for a YouTube channel I had started but which I never did anything with. I decided to start a blog then with the name then and something immediately changed within me. I found a place to share my words, even if I was the only one (at first) who cared about reading them.

I was born and raised in the great state of Pure Michigan where sports, especially baseball and football, are a big gathering. I love the Detroit Tigers in baseball and the Detroit Lions and Michigan Wolverines in football. Our biggest in-state rivalry in college sports is Michigan vs. Michigan State; Michigan State has been beating us in football for the past couple years while it has started to become the complete opposite in college hoops.

I graduated from Baker College of Jackson in June 2014 with an Associate’s degree in CAD/Design Technology. I still have not found a job yet years later though my parents still insist I keep pushing myself and to try harder to land a position somewhere. It’s not that I haven’t tried since I have been applying to places but the job market in Jackson (and most of Michigan) is scarce and there really isn’t that much that suits my career aspirations within driving distance. I had no knowledge or interest in  this at first and now I realize I might not have thought it all out that well, didn’t think about what I would really want to be in life after graduating college instead of taking the most intriguing thing on paper that appealed to me.

When I manage to step outside the fairly depressing town of Jackson I am in right now, a breathtaking world of nature and beauty opens up to me. Michigan is home to some of the richest flora and fauna and has a lot of historic places to visit, especially Up North and in the Upper Peninsula and Mackinaw City. I have been across the Mackinac Bridge a couple of times and it has been always exciting every time.

Since October 2014 I have been participating in the Weekly Photo Challenge supplied by the Daily Post, as well as other similar photography challenges. These are great fun and help to train my eye and refrain from taking mundane pictures and give me a chance to connect with like minded bloggers.

One of my goals with this blog, and with life, is to have an authority on something. It is nice to be able to know something very well and be able to inspire others to follow in your footsteps.

This is my creative space, where ideas can form and take shape. Getting them out of my head into a physical form is the best thing to do.

15 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I too have stumbled upon the fabulous world of photography and photoshop. I am all self taught and purchased my first DSLR camera after paying $350 for my first born’s 1 year old pictures…none of which I liked. Nice to connect with you 💌Trista

    1. I am still fairly new with photography and have only scratched the surface. Photoshop is a very helpful thing for me (helps with creating thumbnails for my YouTube videos). I prefer to be self-taught as well because I develop my own sense of style and views and what of I consider is good. Thanks for stopping by.

      1. I like my logo because it gives me anonymity and I can use it in other places as well, becoming a sort of brand for me. My name also begins with the letter M. Very cool.

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