Electric pylons
Electric pylons

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Wishful Clouds

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Most Beautiful


The most beautiful girl I’ve met
On the outside she is perfect
But on the inside she is broken
I’m glad I got a chance to know her
But we must allow time to pass
Must part ways
In order to appreciate one another

Color Your World – Midnight Blue 2

Pillow Texture by Matthew Hammell on 500px.com

Here is my entry for Jennifer’s Color Your World challenge for:

Color Your World – Midnight Blue



I’m hooked and I can’t let go

The connection gets stronger

I hope it’s not a mistake

A regret down the road

Sabotaging dreams, hopes

In favor of a temporary happiness

Maybe eternal

But the reward seems so sweet

If only for a moment

A Good Match


Milk and cereal, an historically good match.

A Good Match