Step Into the Light

Cartoon Overcast

It’s the final day of this action packed poetry course once again and I feel as if I’ve gained much more experience and confidence in pulling off my inner Shakespeare (or what I think I’m like but actually am not…) Fittingly, the final assignment is the most badass and ruthless form of poetry – the sonnet. This is the second sonnet I’ve written in my entire life, which I think was crafted better than the first.

Sonnet No. 1 and a half

Go my friend – go and find your lighted path
That leads you out of the
Shadows of despair
And life’s futile escape
Bask in the glory of
A power higher than your
Mortal magistrate
As the wolf’s lone moon wanes away

So blinded by life’s
Unbalanced nature
Between rigidness and humor
Now, go and catch the dragonflies
And bring back your earnest dignity
Paint a pompous portrait of what you always yearned to be

Writing 201: Day 10 – Pleasure, Sonnet, Apostrophe

Concrete Snowman


This was a lot harder to create than you may think. I may have stretched a few lines near the end to fulfill the ideal image of a snowman.

Writing 201: Day 9 – Cold, Concrete Poetry, Anaphora/epistrophe

What’s A Cornucopia?

Whatever happened to
My deeply special Thanksgiving
When the food was so irresistible
And football wasn’t even my thing
The meals we all shared
Turkey “carved” at every table
The unconventional prayer
Spilling gravy on my lapel
Always the cranberry sauce
Smell of fresh baked rolls
The mac and cheese steaming hot
Greenbean casserole
It was a cozy winter’s time
As a young one with the
Aunts, uncles, and grandparents
Raising a goblet of fake champagne
Ding, ding, ding
For best wishes and merit
But now something is lost
And it’s just not the same
I suppose that’s the advent of growing up
Family has gotten smaller
And now the greatest thing is pies
And the football game

Writing 201: Day 8 – Flavor, Elegy, Enumeratio

Ballad of Uplifting Meal

Sweet Old Guy

I saw the kind old soul again
At the local church dinner tonight
Served me green beans
To go with pork loin and mashed potatoes
A light gravy mountaintop just right

He just smiled and laughed
Content and pleased with himself
Happy and living for the moment
60 or 70, his eyes of pearly blue swells

Snapped a candid shot
From an angle off to the side
While he served some poor citizens
He did not notice it
Because I was a little shy

Then he took a seat
Among his little group of friends
Mr. Volunteer
Enjoying his humble meal
Talking seemingly to no end

We all have a story to tell
Everyone in their private lives
We all head home at night
The world through different eyes

They’ll all be shutting doors
Fixing to the tube
Getting in some snores
Not much else to do

And back to the simple man
He’ll also be home tonight
Most likely has a wife
Happily or not
I do not know, I’m sure that’s right
But it seems to me
He’s pretty darn content
Living this simple, homespun life
Mr. Volunteer
Like a saint decked in white

We go our separate ways
Me the young and eager
He the elderly and settled
I want to break free
From this small town prison shell
While I’m sure he’s got his mind set on heaven
And I’ve got my heart set on breaking free
Anywhere in my local circle, two different people,
Two different views on fate and destiny

Writing 201: Day 7 – Neighborhood, Ballad, Assonance

Ode of the Gamer

Video games, a honey dripping goldmine
         Entering a fantasy world away from the truth
                 Escaping life, so ritual and mono
         To get a passion out of screen heroes
Hopping to a goal, avoiding pitfalls of death
Seeking inspiration out of the human craft
Going on adventures and being thrilled to breakfast
         Helps the hands, helps the eyes
               Trains the brain to see the patterns
        The agony of defeat, the thrill of victory
              Especially against all odds
              In times of backs against the wall
Clinging to life, wits and intelligence
It’s a fine mosaic of pixels, a jungle of creativity
        Taking us on destination in all possible directions
And the journey from Pac-Man to Halo
       That’s an historical set of events
               In the words of a gamer:
              Achievement Unlocked

Writing 201: Day 5 – Map, Ode, Metaphor

Imperfection is Beauty

I never said I was a perfect guy
I’ve got my troubles, that
Bum lazy eye
And like the buildings that crumble and creak
My confidence strong but,
Emotion soft and meek
Still love spreading horseradish and mayo on rye

Writing 201: Day 4 – Imperfect, Limerick, Enjambment

Epidermal Thermal

Layered like the delicious smell of lasagna; the earth’s crust to core; a cheese-like shield. Porous, rough, callous. A virtuous gift; the gods cloaked me in warmth. Protection from the fiery luminous – crisping bacon. Hot stove making my nerves shout in fear. Briar brush thorn trickling blood. Soft brush against – cat fur or comforter. Lying in bed, resting my head. Bones relax, breathe without tax. Blood flows underneath like a complex subway system. Many winters of chattering teeth as giants clear the snowy avenues of chilly snowball dream.

Writing 201: Day 3 – Skin, Prose, Internal Rhyme

Future Giftwrapping


Cheerful time for the kids – soaking up the season
Hectic time for the parents – hoping to get the gift to please them
Raiding the shelves like angry bears, barely enough can stay
Interesting commotion for the malls, the charity ringers, the bells they play
Saint Nick comes around only once in his celebrated red and white
Then disappears to the backs of minds until the next 25 days to silent night
Making time for family is the meaning of the season
Above all the gifts I’ve received – video games, clothes, food, money
Sharing the moment with the loved ones just has to be the best reason

Motivational Window


Window’s raining rays
All the words trapped in my mind
Passed down in pixels
A fresh place to write and muse
New angles to move forward

Writing 201 – Screen, Alliteration, Haiku or Tanka

Another go at Writing 201: Poetry? You bet. I last did this in February and could use some brushing up on my poetry skills and meet some new bloggers.

That is a picture of a Wendy’s I blogged from earlier this year. Having a new place to read and write and see a different environment has a way of adding something new to my writing. Of course, I couldn’t write at all sitting at a table there, because it wasn’t my comfort spot, which is at home or in a quiet spot with low lighting.

Break These Uncertain Chains

I’ve sat and waited, for my dreams to be elated
Moment on, moment again, handcuffed by uncertainty
And with burst of energy, will soon find power to break free
And if love is uncertain or revelations not far
It’s plain to see how I reach for the stars
And wrap it in sheepskin, handle with care
Since these are my dreams, and I want them to share
And water and fire mix; will future pardon me
As the cosmos dance along, my ideal image created

The present is a race: you’re always on the move
Elusive stars scatter, still time doesn’t halt
While the future’s a fight, it’s finish not smooth

Time taken now, to decipher desired place
It powers; the twisted hands of fate act
Setting course my days ahead, soon question will become fact

Writing 201: Future