To Please Everyone

If I could choose to be the best
Of any skill in the world
It would be pleasing human beings
Always giving them the best show
I would always hit the right notes
Know what they wanted
Would tap into the most exciting trends
Make a new dance and know how to flaunt it
Would conquer the YouTube charts, rise to the top
Make the boldest, most daring videos
Keep growing and never stop

This skill would project into other talents as well
I would know what song sets the hottest fire
Rings the loudest bell

I would know what pictures run away from modest
The crowds I would gather
They wouldn’t care if I’m not honest

To my blog, and pleasing everyone with my words
Knowing the secret formula
That sparks the most in all guys and girls

To telling the best joke,
Always hitting the right punchline
Getting the best reaction,
Keeping in perfect time

And to winning her over
Knowing what she likes
Tapping into her dearest desires
Even if it’s flying kites

But pleasing everyone is just not possible
Is the number one key to failure
Has proven to be colossal

You should just be yourself
Instead of trying to win them over
Do what you love
Not what the other guy told her

But since I’m trying to be perfect
Please everyone on my radar
I would want this skill to shine
Would want to please by very far

So while I’m wishing to be the perfect pleaser
Maybe these Daily Prompts can start as well
Start to please me everytime
Stop missing and bringing back old ones from hell

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Got Skills.”

If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?

A Year With My Camera

Wow. What a year it has been, huh? So much has happened in 2014, so many newsworthy events in sports, entertainment, television, technology, and other interesting sectors of the world. But this post is about me and my camera (well, two or three along the way).

I began what some may call a crazy experiment this year – a 365 day photo project – but it has been an experiment of exploration, learning, and finding new and creative ways to photograph the world. With what small equipment I have, I managed to take exactly one photo every day (actually, there WAS a bit of cheating along the way). The whole project is on Flickr and is partially complete on Facebook. This post was started back in October and I had it scheduled to be published today, but I didn’t know it would publish so early in the morning.

Here are what I consider the best six of every month:

January 2014

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February 2014

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March 2014

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April 2014

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May 2014

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June 2014

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July 2014

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August 2014

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September 2014

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October 2014

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November 2014

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December 2014

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And that’s a wrap! 365 days of awesomeness. Unprecedented journey of my life. Maybe I’ll do this again someday… Happy New Year everyone!

The Ultimate Photo Journey

When’s the last time you followed your instinct despite not being sure it was the right thing to do? Did it end up being the right call?


It was a crazy idea

Actually quite brilliant

Sitting at New Year’s Eve

Excited about a fresh start

And a thought came to me that

Was full of fine art

I had the instinct

To take 365 pictures

One a day, no more, no less

And explore my creative interests

Venturing on this quest

Was easy at first

But then the days got faster

And I was dying of photo thirst

My instinct told me

It would be beneficial in the end

Because I have learned so much

And have achieved picture zen

The quest is nearly over

Has been a long ride

Yes, there were a couple times I slid

But, man I have developed one fine eye

0101 Hello, Snow
January 1st: Start of Long Winter
December 5th: Full Moon

DP #71: “Gut Feeling.”

Photo 101: Day 11 – Splash of Gold




Like a lot of times on my photographic journey, I set this shot up by placing an object in the scene to create something different when nothing in nature would suffice. Against the white snow backdrop, the gold bag shines greatly and adds a pop of color to an otherwise mundane, boring photograph. As you can see, I experimented with taking my photograph from different distances, resulting in a what looks like an inverted pyramid.


DP (This fits in with the prompt’s title: Golden Key)

Easy Rider – an album

0712141910-00 (2)

What comes to mind in this picture is the idea for a rock album, specifically one that may involve songs of being on a journey, revelations, and finding oneself. I even went to the trouble to create the actual CD art for this album and the square cover art seen on the case (it surprises me that CDs are still surviving in the music industry with the rise of online music stores – and the easiness to just download songs for free). The toning down of this picture to a grayscale has a powerful effect, making the image subtler and timeless.

 Album Front Cover
Album Back Cover

Obviously, all of the songs fit in with the motorcycle/journey theme of the album. The song “Colton” would be about a junior at my high school last year who was involved in a fatal car crash and how life can deal you the most inopportune fate sometimes. A sort of tribute to him and what how his life might have been if something had told him not to drive home from the prom that night. On this album, there would be a contrast of lighter, faster paced songs, and more darker and emotionally packed ballads.

Photo Challenge for Week of October 24: Cover Art

WPC: Earning Cash, Saving Lives

0213 Saving A Life

This picture was taken back in February 2014 at the CSL Plasma center in Lansing, Michigan where my family and I go to donate plasma (the pale-yellow, mainly water portion of the blood) and earn about sixty dollars per week on two separate days: $20 on the first and about $40 on the second. At the time I was working on a 365 day photo project and this sign seemed like a great addition to the mix. The photograph means something special to me because my family and I are actually saving people’s lives (in a fragmented way) by supplying various hospitals and clinics with the essential components from our donated plasma, including proteins and antibodies, needed to make certain life-saving medicines. This is a multibillion dollar worldwide business that is viewed both strongly and negatively by various organizations because of the immediate dangers of pathogenic diseases such as AIDS/HIV being spread through the blood, tainting the plasma, and infecting patients receiving it but this seems to be under control. Continue reading “WPC: Earning Cash, Saving Lives”

A Walk With My Camera

My walk with my camera was pretty nice. I took a lot of pictures not thinking twice. Rain drops falling on my head, creating spots on my t-shirt and shorts. Cars were rumbling by, their inhabitants unaware of my photographic intentions. It was a fairly depressing day, so quiet and somber. I’m trapped in this little hole of mine, unable to break free and explore the wide open world. I thought about leaving this terrible prison but it just didn’t feel right today with the weather being so unattractive. My hair slicks in my eye, causing it to twitch. I try to find interesting shots but there is nothing around here that wows me. A couple shots of the boulevard, some trees, some of the interesting hues in them but other than that this place is uninteresting. I go up the entrance to where the flag is waving high and mighty. A picture of a colorful tree looming over a bench. On my way back I see a car with an interesting design on it. On the hood is an artistically spray painted image. I walk by this at first, not wondering if I should take the picture with the people home but a couple seconds later double back and get the shot, feeling satisfied. As I continued on, I saw some kids walking the other way, just getting out of school. There was a school bus just passing before them. One kid was kicking a soda can, about in the fourth grade I believe. Another was carrying a small instrument in a case, clarinet or french horn perhaps. They didn’t seem to notice me as I walked on by but I simply shrugged off my moody blues and made them acknowledge that I wasn’t just a creepy loser with no path in sight.

The sky is dark, few clouds in the sky. So wet. So sad. 365 days of photos is hard to accomplish. Trying to add more life into my style, more variety. I walk on home, around the corner, back to humble abode, back up the lazy steps and into the mess of a house. I see my uncle, he asks me where I went, I say around the park. He thinks I’m a stalker.

Ready, Set, Done 3