Tree Whisper


I met the trees today

They were whispering

Softly in hushed tones

The wind blowing around

Honing in on my senses

Letting me see the light

Tuning out the noise

WhisperAbstract #2

Abstract Lady


An abstract piece of wall art from Chilango’s Mexican restaurant.

WPC: Abstract

One Word Photo Challenge: Hurricane


The abstract hurricane contained within the reflective spectrum of a rainy puddle. Together with a “white wash” like water crashing onto a shore.

One Word Photo Challenge: Hurricane

One Four Challenge – May Week 4

Week 3 Processing
Mirror with Mosaic Texture
Week 4 Processing

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. Mine was pretty mellow for the most part and I’m excited for the month of June to finally come about, which means vacations, great weather, baseball games, and the best time to go looking for a (real) job! I put real in parentheses because the one I have now is hardly suitable for long term and may only last another week.

My final entry for Robyn’s One Four Challenge takes one more radical turn. This week, I took two of my edits, combined them, and added a mosaic texture filter. There is also an Amber/Gold hue/saturation filter applied on top of the layers.

Here is a gallery of all four weeks. You can see how I’ve jazzed up the original with different textures and filters and diversified with different colors.

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Now I here there is also a review for this challenge coming up. I’m not sure what else I would talk about with these pictures but I’ll be sure to stay tuned for more details.