Gets Better With Age


I like the saying “it gets better with age”. This is true on a number of levels. The best tasting, and most expensive, wine is one that has been aging for at least over five years. The best cheeses don’t get eaten until many years later. Some marriages get better with age as bonds tighten and divided interests come to be viewed as essential for a balanced relationship. Buildings get better with age as they come to be viewed as historical and significant pieces of architecture. Books, movies, and paintings become historical pieces of work with people continuing to reflect upon them and striving to preserve them for future generations. The most successful brands continue to grow and develop as new and innovative methods are discovered and audience’s needs and wants are taken into mind.

I like to say I will get better with age, even if my knees and other joints don’t agree. The older I get, the stronger the heart will be, with more experiences to dwell upon and write about. There will be new children and grandchildren to have memorable experiences with, more holidays and birthdays to come. Something new and exciting will always be on the horizon, some little tremors and some big seismic waves that forever change how I live my life.  The world will continue to change as new cultural trends come and go. Who knows who the next big music superstar will be by the time I reach 50 or if television will merely be a thing you can project from your hand?

Fun is the one thing that will keep me from becoming a worn out old fart in later life. To have fun is to keep myself busy and my mind working. Exercising and running laps outside everyday will keep my body in shape and me in good spirits. Listening to music will give me inspiration and happiness. If I still am running a blog, this blog, that will be a way of continuing to keep my mind fresh and to continue improving my creative and interpersonal skills. To always have something to photograph and write about will give me an incentive to keep on exploring life, to keep learning and reading. A blog, like anything, can get better with the years as more and more posts are published and more connections are formed. As I add more tools to my toolbox, I discover new and better ways to go about blogging and the overall online experience as well. I feel like this is an essential part of my life now and can’t imagine life without it. This is my creative space, my brand, my online presence.

Getting older should be a fun experience but some people are afraid of it. The people who are afraid of aging and spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery to make themselves look like young rosebuds again don’t take this one thought into mind: no one cares what you look like when you die. If you are a famous celebrity and are on TV a lot, of course you want to be presentable, but once you pass away, people tend to care less about your appearance and more about your career accomplishments and contributions to society. What will be preserved in the history books is not a shallow description of beauty but an in depth view of an amazing life that helped change the world.

So go out and try to experience as many things as you can. Find a passion that you absolutely love and can grow with. The people who have the most fun in life have found happiness in what they do everyday. They are not burdened by the rules of society or worried about what tomorrow will bring. They live in the moment, the moment of now. Everyday is an adventure, another piece to a long storybook. That’s what I strive to be like. An optimistic soul who will continue to view life as one big dance number well into my twilight years. There will be good days and bad days and in the end they tie into who I am as a person.

Daily Prompt: Young at Heart

What are your thoughts on aging? How will you stay young at heart as you get older?