Goodbye, May

0531 Last Day

Spring fully blossomed

The words winds whispered

Lawns that need mowing

Birds all a twittering

Cold refreshing water

Optimism in the air

Goodbye, May

And may it always be

The stepping stone into summer


If you let your secrets spill out

As easily as the morning milk

There will be nothing left to hide

And the edge of your former glory

It will go down in fiery flames


So keep some of those secrets

Locked in your mind

Just in case the person you confided in

Wasn’t exactly kind


Another One Bites the Dust

Headphones, headphones, headphones,
I’ve lost so many of you
All shapes, sizes, and brands
They were all once brand new
Sony, Skullcandy, Apple, Casio
Cheapest to the money hungry
Red, black, white, and yellow
The audiophile dreams aren’t funny
Some shorted out in one side to my dismay
The last pair’s cord got ripped away, wires a fray
And now another pair gone to the audiophile graveyard
And a new pair has been bought, hoping to go very far
I’m hoping this is the very end
To all my overhead gaffs
Headphones no. 24 or 25
The one to outlast


WPC: Third of Darkness

A little ball of light, storied fable
The lamp-let by my bedside table
Shines in the darkness
Absorbs in the bright
Noon, I’ll be in slumber ’til

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

Another limerick inspired by Writing201!

Loony Lonely Limerick

Just joggin’ along the junction
Feet scorched, air punchin’
Jumped a jittery thug
Who just wanted a hug
I kindly rejected
He solemnly shrugged
That was quite a dysfunction