A is for Apple: 26 Weeks #1

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Here are my pictures of apples for Lumar’s 26 Weeks Letter Challenge

I guess this is a pre-version of the April A to Z challenge, a way to spark some ideas, get the ball rolling. I might even end up using this post (and subsequent ones) for the challenge that I have decided to participate in again. My theme is going to be different types of foods, having already been inspired by these pictures of apples. So there’s my theme reveal. Now it’s on to the actual challenge.

WPC: Afloat


Apple bobs on top
Fluently red and buoyant
Science overflow

Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat

Fruit of Dystopia

Imagine we lived in a world that’s all of a sudden devoid of color, but where you’re given the option to have just one object keep its original hue. Which object (and which color) would that be?

0111 Shiny Red Apple  (2)

The apple of my eye

Red wisdom

Simple and elegant

Juicy crunch

Adam’s fruit

Sin of Eden



Abbey Road

Blood and Love

Its richness

Would stand out in a stale world




Cider mill

Idol fruit

Toffee apples

Apples of Hel


Earliest cultivation

Snow White’s curse



But also

Yellow, green, pink, russet

Golden, Granny smith, Macintosh

If Dystopia would allow

PTDC0009 (2)

Daily Prompt 10/26/14

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