Moving Through Monochrome

My camera slipped and I caught the pool on a refreshing angle…shades of grey and blue…

…while this springy sensation looked good in black and white.


Medicine I do not take since I’m a machine running smoothly, without the need for additives


The many paper like leaves of this gigantic spring tree blow my mind…

0512 Big Spring Tree

…while the reddish hues of December tree paint a truly radiant landscape

Day 341

My mocha-colored cat relaxes…

…and wonderful notes vibrate across a musical highway


The rushing yellow waters, like threads on a loom…


…and hellfire rains down, a fiery oblivion…

…then slides into an icy blue pool, refreshing your eyes

More monotone in a gallery:


My Own Hollywood

I’m already all four of these
Director, camera, pen, and actor
Even though I’ve never been to Hollywood, trying to get by with laughter!
My movie work has been at home, producing various YouTube videos,
Most of which have been lost on the Internet, never to reach anyone’s nose!
They range from awful bad to surprisingly good
Most of them star me, usually as exciting as bare wood
I’ve been at this for six years, started when I was seventeen
And how many times have I seen the spotlight? I couldn’t even count three!
My experience and production have taken great leaps,
I finally bought a camera and use a program that can count peaks
There’s also the editing that has taught me a lot
All the fun I’ve had, learning what to cut and what not!
My rocky road of a journey continues this year,
Starting yet another channel and hoping for great cheer
It’s a lot of hard work, I’ve greatly come to realize,
Trying to get my work in front of millions of fickle human eyes!
But that’s my own Hollywood and it’s not exactly the real thing
But it’s got my production stamps all over it, and my love, passion, and sing!
I may never go to L.A. and live the dream for real, knowing as how hard that may be,
So I’ll continue to make my name on the Internet, maybe someday make history!
I’m a producer at heart, always ringing out new ideas,
And when one fails badly, I start to wonder what the reason is
There’s usually not much input, so I’m left to figure out alone
But then the nail hits me and I realize how I must drone
It’s a very fun experience, even though the business may be rough
My creative ways of making it all work and the motivation,
Shut out the voice that says, “That should be enough!”
Hollywood may not be calling me, and that figures to be true
So I’ll continue to work on my aspiring craft,
Entertaining me and you!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: The Show Must Go On

If you were involved in a movie, would you rather be the director, the producer, or the lead performer? (Note: you can’t be the writer!).

WPC: Foreign Orange

The color orange is an
Outstanding observation
It’s fiery shades pop a thousand
Pompous photo pixels
But sadly, this hue of sun, fire, and…orange
Has no dance partner, no rhyme or reason
At least we can count on it
Returning to the trees each autumn season

 Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time?

Ballad of Selma’s Hero

the voice of the trodden,
he turned the world around
the voice of the trodden,
burned segregation
to the ground;

I say to you, Mr. King,
you are a true icon to me
I say to you, Mr. King,
your legacy lives on for eternity;

he had a dream
that the world would
come together:
not just fifty shades
of black and white,
but every thread of
the proverbial

he had a dream
that we all could
sit down together
could go to work
together peacefully;
could ride the bus
together peacefully;
could cross the street
together peacefully;

he had a dream
that our votes belonged
in the same box;
our education
in the same box;
our athletic talents
in the same box;
our political agenda
in the same box;

realize what Mr. King did,
shattered years of
racial hatred;
broke down the
proverbial Berlin Wall,
made us realize
we were all human, the
same after all

and now we have
a monument to
remember him;
and now we have
a way to pay our
respects to him;
and now we have
his powerful words
persevered in our history;
and now we have
his message being
heard universally

but this does not
change the fact
that his dream is still
spit on;
this does not
change the fact
that still a great many
have the utter most hate on;

but I’ll keep the ballad
of Selma’s dear hero
a happy soulful one for now;
I’ll keep the ballad
of Martin Luther King, Jr.
my grand respect for
his dream come true,
a happy tribute for now


A Year With My Camera

Wow. What a year it has been, huh? So much has happened in 2014, so many newsworthy events in sports, entertainment, television, technology, and other interesting sectors of the world. But this post is about me and my camera (well, two or three along the way).

I began what some may call a crazy experiment this year – a 365 day photo project – but it has been an experiment of exploration, learning, and finding new and creative ways to photograph the world. With what small equipment I have, I managed to take exactly one photo every day (actually, there WAS a bit of cheating along the way). The whole project is on Flickr and is partially complete on Facebook. This post was started back in October and I had it scheduled to be published today, but I didn’t know it would publish so early in the morning.

Here are what I consider the best six of every month:

January 2014

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February 2014

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March 2014

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April 2014

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May 2014

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June 2014

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July 2014

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August 2014

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September 2014

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October 2014

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November 2014

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December 2014

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And that’s a wrap! 365 days of awesomeness. Unprecedented journey of my life. Maybe I’ll do this again someday… Happy New Year everyone!

Tale of a Foodie

Daily Prompt: Mouths Wide Shut

Food is my guilty pleasure

Boundless energy for the soul

A smorgasbord of selection from heavenly send

Salivating my taste buds; ah, what thou sweet sensation, bittersweet, hint of zest?

This ever longing hunger that never concedes

A drum beating loudly, echoing incessantly

A crashing wave, it’s crests so high

The tempting thoughts of a geisha’s cry

A beggar man once said,

“Give me forty loaves and I will show you the world”

But blasphemy it was

For so called beggar

Was the scornful eye

Not so much I wouldn’t trek

To cuisines far and wide

At least what validated sense has witnessed

Taking control, the omnipresence

Never tried liver and onions but it’s not implausible

Pickled herring, frog legs, cow tongue, marzipan?

Kidney pie, Yorkshire pudding, taffy-loo, crème brûlée?

A fish fresh caught never sought either

The biggest point buck I couldn’t even sear

See, my palette is still quite raw

Having never ventured past usual suspects

But I would never dare say

That I wasn’t open to new choice cuts

These food grains

How irresistibly they intoxicate my mouth

“Brilliantly so,” said the chef

The profound dish of parsley and thyme

Sewn together like the pastiche of wise minds

A foodie so I am

Chasing the invited smells of delicacies

Oh, this of mine can never die

My road to eternal satisfaction

Is still quite open…

Words of a foodie

Autumn Time

“By all these lovely tokens, September days are here, with summer’s best of weather and autumn’s best of cheer” – Helen Hunt Jackson

Fall is the best time of year for me. I used to dread it, but now that I am not in grade school anymore it is a sensational time. For one thing, football is back and in full swing again. It seems I am inside all the time now, watching great game after great game, catching up on all things fantasy and reveling in the stats, videos, and ultimate controversy surrounding this American tradition. The many different teams, their colors and logos all unique, the sweet sound of pads and helmets clashing, it’s all like a dream and is a bullet train that takes us along for a thrilling ride all the way to February.

Autumns in Michigan, where I live, are the time when everything seems to drop back into place, back to normalcy. Things get much quieter around here. There is not much activity outside because everyone is so busy with school or work. The magic and rushing sense of summer is long gone.

Autumn Time

My cheeks feel flushed

As the temperature plummets

Never had a pumpkin spice latte

Autumn Time


September breeze

Chimes in the wind

Season of new hope

Autumn Time


School days are back

Kids tucked inside

The magic of summer is gone

It’s time to use your mind


Leaves are changing colors

The life cycle continues

Drift from the trees

Crunch under my shoes


Slight chill in the air

Grass tipped with dew

Going down the ski slope

Towards white and blue


The great game of football

Kicks into high gear

From high school to professional

It’s a new time to cheer


The baby freshman

In their final leg of school

Hoping to fit in

Playing it cool


Mid-autumn nights

Cool and crisp

Crickets chirping

The lake of mist


Pools are closed

Lonely now

But it won’t be long

Until “Cannonball!”


Fall TV returns

Favorites settling easy

New ones launching

Hoping to please picky me


Warm cozy nights

All wrapped up in my hoodie

Rain splatters the window

While watching classic movies


Autumn is somber

Sweet and sound

Old things die

And new life comes around

Autumn Time

In Response to the Daily Prompt: Autumn Leaves