Earth Moving

These big earth movers sure know how to tear it up, excavating the pavement and plowing away areas of land to make room for new roads and homes. July was a month of construction and building new things, tearing away old scars and starting anew. Not just in the literal sense but in a mental way. I have tried to refresh my creative ways and find some newfound inspiration in writing, photography, and video making.

As I have done with previous posts, I reflect on the previous month and look ahead to the next one. I’m always looking for the next set of days to be earth moving, to see significant change and progress in whatever I am doing, but for the most part things will likely be slow and methodical as before. It’s time to buy a new memory card for my phone because I accidentally snapped the one in half while trying to remove it from the pesky slot underneath. I’ve had about 10 of those tiny cards and they are now all lost or broken.