Premio Dardos Award and a Milestone

Oh, happy days!

I was nominated for the Premio Dardos Award by truejoy1986 on her blog loveatthespeedoflife. I previously was not going to accept any awards and had a page dedicated to telling people not to nominate me but after thinking it over a while, I decided to embrace the gift and spread the love by lifting my restriction. Pressure? No, I just felt like a jerk for not wanting to accept awards and reach out to more bloggers. Which I really need to do.

And that’s not all…

I have officially 300 followers now! Okay, so that may not seem like a lot compared to some of the giants out there but the fact that I had less than 100 at this point last year makes it very significant to me. So in the course of about a year, I have amassed more than 200 followers. Not bad. Obviously, I am doing something right. Now, I have to do it better.

My 300th follower happens to be Creative, Inc. How fitting of a name for my big 300. Creative is a word that describes everything WordPress or even blogging in general is about and it’s also run by a corporation (Automattic, Inc.). My very first follower over two years ago was Aisling, and checking it out led to me to a beautiful photography blog.

So I am here to accept the Premio Dardos Award.

Premio Dardos means “prize darts” in Spanish and is given “in recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing.”

This award comes with the following rules:

1) Include the Premio Dardos Award Picture and the name of the person that nominated you (Include a link to their blog)

2) Nominate 15 other blogs and notify them!

3) Thank the blogger who nominated you in your blog and link back.

My 15 nominees are:

Jaspa’s Journey
David Snape & Friends
A Trivial Mind At Work
Flirting With Creativity
Chasing Serenity with a Lens
The Ambitious Drifter
Ruby’s Polaroid
The Gad About Town
Alien Shores Photography
Sylvain LANDRY
Indulge litterae
Charlotte Hoather

A lot of these blogs I nominated are filled with exceptional work. Some are Freshly Pressed. Some of them I’m following or am familiar with. I based my nominations off my first impressions (overall look of the blog, consistency with post topics, etc.) and the first couple of posts I went through that seemed to fit the Premio Dardos definition.

So here’s to the iconic number of 300 (This Is Sparta!) and moving ahead for even more adventures and triumphs in the wide world of blogging. I’ve learned a lot but I’m definitely not done yet.

Nice to Meet You, Liebster

Liebster – a German word meaning dearest or favorite.

Oh, really? I thought this award was named after a person with the last name Liebster. I learn something new everyday. It’s also not just central to WordPress, is awarded on other blogging platforms as well.

A couple days ago I received my first ever nomination for an award on this blog, the Liebster Award, given to bloggers with less than 200 followers (or any number I suppose) and whose blog is recognized as a favorite in the nominator’s mind. I have to say I was quite surprised to have received such an award because I have been mostly blogging to gain a foothold in the online community, get my voice heard out there, and most of all join other bloggers and have fun. It is a great honor to receive this award and after some thought I believe I will accept it because it serves as a certification that my blog has fulfilled it’s purpose and goal when it first started: to share my interests and life experiences, inspire people, and create a space where I can unleash my inner creativity in ways that I had not been able to do before. I only really started blogging a few months ago and in that short time span (which seems like a long time) I have published more posts and have received more likes and constructive comments (other than pingbacks and spam) than the first months of blogging combined.

Here are the rules to accept the award if you are nominated (continuing the long breadcrumb trail):

1: Acknowledge and accept the Liebster Award by leaving a comment on the blog where you were nominated;

2: Copy the Liebster logo and paste it onto your own blog;

3: Inform your nominees by leaving a comment on their respective blogs;

4: In your blog post about the Liebster Award:

Link back to the blogger who nominated you

Answer the 11 questions put to you by the person who nominated you

List 11 random facts about yourself

Nominate, and link to, 3 – 11 other blogs which you enjoy and which have fewer than 200 followers

List 11 questions for your nominees.

My nominees:

Observations From Oblivion


Still searching for nominees…

11 things you never knew about me, but now do:

  1. The first movie I can remember seeing was The Lion King
  2. I got my first guitar at 19 years old
  3. Never resided in another state for more than a week
  4. Have had only one dog and hundreds of cats in my life
  5. Only sang karaoke once in front of a large group (and I bet I sounded bad because a few people left 😦  )
  6. Was a hall monitor the entire year of fifth grade because I thought I would get a pizza party in the end (that never happened)
  7. Have never gotten totally wasted (not that I ever want to)
  8. First car I drove was a Pontiac G6
  9. First time I ever used a social network was around 2006 on Myspace
  10. My longest conversation on the phone was probably an hour and a half
  11. There’s $42.30 in a money jar of mine right now

My answers to lrod’s 11 questions:

1) What motivated you to start your blog?

I might have the oddest name on here: MACBOFISBIL, which is an acronym featuring adjectives that describe my life (or how I want it to be). My motivation started when I created the name and wanted to use it to create a cool identity online where I could write about my life and build a following. I didn’t have much going on during the summer of 2013 and the time to start a blog could not have come any sooner. When lots of interesting things that had happened already that summer and in the past year were on my mind, I decided I wanted to write about them and form what was originally a journal of my life that then morphed into more of a creative development site.

2) What is your favorite holiday of the year?

Christmas, just because it lasts the longest, has the biggest build up to, and always brings my family together. Plus, it’s the most genuine holiday of the year IMHO, not cheesy like Halloween or an all-in-for-the-money holiday like Valentine’s Day.

3) What are some family traditions you enjoy?

Going up North to the UP, buying gifts for everyone in the family, cook-outs at the lake.

4) Thinking back 3 years ago, did you picture doing what you’re doing now?

Not at all. I had no real interest in starting a blog and even getting a successful one going was a pipe dream. What was I even going to write about, I thought multiple times.

5) What piece of technology is one you can’t live without?

My laptop, obviously. It is how I write my blog everyday now since buying it, leaving behind the rusty, noisy desktop for good.

6) Do you prefer using WordPress from your phone or your computer? Why?

Computer: less cramped, more freedom to move outside the “walled garden”. Besides, my phone doesn’t support the adding on of apps; I can only use the basic ones that came with the phone and are permanent.

7) Have you visited any other place outside from where you live? Did you like it?

Yes, mostly states on the east coast such as Pennsylvania and Virginia but also Kansas and Missouri and the Midwestern states such as Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin. I also visited Florida but the last time I did was when I was only four years old so it’s been almost 20 years. The state I loved the most was Missouri because of the many sights to see down there as well as the friendliness of the people.

8) Favorite movie of all time?

This has always been a tough one. There are many movies at the top of my list but if I had to name a movie that sparked the most enjoyment out of myself it would have to be The Shawshank Redemption. It was the first movie where I really felt like I was watching something smart and edgy, something I could analyze. Plus, Morgan Freeman was awesome as always.

9) If you could move anywhere else, where would it be?

I’ve always wanted to move to Florida (see question 7) because of the warm weather and bountiful supply of oranges (which I love).

10) Favorite food?

Any kind of potato salad (Mustard, Redskin, Amish), except after the time I ate some and vomited for the first time in nearly 14 years (random fact #12)

11) What makes you feel better when you’re having a bad day?

When I listen to or watch someone who has an inspirational message for everyone including myself, something that helps me realize I can still go on and that there still are happy days ahead. Life doesn’t end just because I am having a bad day. There’s always tomorrow to makes things better.

Here are my questions to my fellow nominees:

1) What is the thing you most enjoy about blogging in general?

2) Currently employed or not, what would be your dream job if you could quit your current or future job today?

3) Who would you say is the craziest person in your family?

4) Thinking three years from now, what do you think you will be doing?

5) If you could take over the head of one multi-billion dollar company (Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc.) for a day, what would it be and why?

6) Favorite genre of music?

7) In the last ten years, what piece of technology has revolutionized your life the most?

8) What is your biggest fear in life?

9) How many blogs, on average, would you say you read in a day on WordPress and which ones did you find most enjoyable?

10) Best meal you’ve cooked in your life?

11) If you were forced to live somewhere else and had to stay there permanently, where would you go and why?