Guest Writers Needed

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I’m looking for other bloggers, writers, and photographers to contribute a piece to my website. This would be the first time I am collaborating with anyone and would help with growing my blog more. I’ve been wary of guest blogging for a while now and don’t really know how to go about it but to say that it was tried would at least be a relief.

If you are interested, leave a comment down below. I would appreciate the help. If not, then I am glad I at least asked. Thanks.


Discover Challenge: Obstacles

blackwhite4“Often it isn’t the mountains ahead that wear you out, it’s the little pebble in your shoe.”
Muhammad Ali

Running a creative business is often a means to an end. When you are making little to no money on this, the thought occurs of “what is the point to this?”. But then the other half says, “No, I’ve got to keep going on what I have started because there is so much more to do and so many more people to meet”. I feel like I am wanting to skimp off and do other fun stuff because of what precious time I have left in my 20s. I won’t be young forever. Time is ticking. The pressure to be successful is always there. I am always reminded of someone’s great success story and it is always a slap in the face for me. Oh, this person has written X number of books and has done X number of interviews and made this much money. What have you done?

Oh, I’ve only just scratched the surface.

I’ve recently rediscovered the friendzone turned dating site MeetMe (even if they state otherwise, it is definitely for hooking up with locals now). It has sure changed since the last time I logged on to there. There are no more games and it is exclusively a place now to meet people you are interested in or just want to talk to. The site has been optimized for mobile usage, with a simple layout and four simple tabs called Meet, Chat, Feed, and Me – all very useful. I updated my profile on there and cringe at some of the pictures I took when I was 18 on the site, in an effort to attract attention from the female population (and some guys as well). This is one of those sites that gives an aura of nostalgia and longingness for the past for me. I wish to go back to the way things were, back to my naive high school days when I didn’t even have thoughts about college, but know that is just like wishing water would turn into fire.

In the creative world, my obstacle is overcoming the laziness of not wanting to create something. I sometimes have to push myself to overcome this, have to remember the overall importance of this whole thing. Get those horses going again, get back in the race. You have to get serious again. Stop being complacent. You know you are good. Keep up the confidence. It’s the negative thoughts that get in the way. Banish the negativity. Embrace the positive.

For this week’s challenge, tell us about a time when you had to deal with an obstacle in your creative process, whether it was a bad case of writer’s block, some rigid rules you had to work around, or some other limitation — financial, technical, mental — that set you back. Did you manage to transcend the obstacle, or was it too much to deal with at the time? More important: what did you learn about yourself and your creativity in the process?

Weekly Discover Challenge: Obstacles


Here you are at the crossroads

Your life is hanging in the balance

There is no more time to wait

It is time to get up and go

Because getting older means

Becoming more of an afterthought

As everyone gets younger and better looking

And you start going the other way

With the high school years further behind

And the inevitable future ahead

Don’t let your dreams slip through your fingers

Chase after them and stare doubts in the rear mirror

I don’t want to grow old too quickly

Because there is so much left to experience

And letting those days slip by

Would be ever regrettable


Rockstar Blogging 101

It’s time to reassess my blogging skills. I feel like I’ve been getting sloppy as of late.

I have just realized this past month how my outlook of blogging has changed. It is no longer just an on and off hobby of mine. I realize now that if I am going to become very successful at this, I am going to have to stop messing around and really start following some consistent blogging patterns. I’m getting super complacent on several key blogging techniques. There are some things I have been doing and not doing that have hindered me from getting really good at this game and I feel so stupid for letting those habits get to me.

Number one:

Neglecting to check my stats everyday. This has become more and more important as time has gone on, but I continue to throw caution to the wind and not keep up with how many people are visiting my page, or how many likes and comments my recent posts got. I don’t want to become too buried in the numbers because they will rule my life and I don’t want to run this like a business.

Number two:

Not commenting enough. This year I have probably only commented a couple of times. The social engagement needs to improve. I have a habit of letting my introverted side get the best of me and this carries over into cyberspace. I don’t always feel like commenting and when I have found that this is a general “rule” of blogging, like you’re supposed to be doing it more often no matter if you don’t feel like it on some days, well, I am like “the heck with that. I’ll do it when I feel pleased.”

Number three:

Putting up crappy, worthless posts. Yeah, we’ve all got to have some of them. I’ve got my fair share. I could have one post that performs really well and another that totally falls flat. It’s this troubling experience of mine that stints my blogging growth. I don’t nearly receive as many comments as other bloggers do but I rest my case that with a little more effort I could improve.

Number four:

Not focusing more. I feel like I am always all over the place.

Number five:

That always creeping doubt in my mind that I don’t have what it takes to truly survive in this blogging world. That I won’t succeed in the long run. It’s been happening more and more where I feel like maybe I should seek other passions because this one is becoming a lifelong obsession, which I never wanted it to be but it seems as if that’s the only way to go now. I can’t stop posting everyday because I have developed an OCD with this, and as I continue going down the rabbit hole, I see there is no escape. This is my life now and it will never be the same again. It makes me quite unhappy that as I continue to do this, life around me continues to be pretty much the same. Same house, same people, same jobless situation. I wake up in the morning and nothing has changed. I really need to find myself a girlfriend who’s interested in the stuff I’ve interested in. Writing and other computer related activities. A nerdy girl. That was always my dream.

Number six:

Knowing who my competition is. There is a ton of competition in the blogosphere and it is getting more and more competitive everyday, with the real threats sticking around and all of the non-contenders pretty much throwing in the towel. With all of these podcasts, radio shows, ebooks and guest posts popping up, I feel as if what I’ve been doing so far is no longer enough. That I am going to have to step up my game or risk being left in the dust (which wouldn’t be that bad because I wouldn’t have the pressure on me to succeed). I’m not sure if I will ever make any money off of this (I have read about the process in doing so, setting up ads, etc.) but I’m perfectly happy with this carefree blogging style right now.

A couple years back, I would have never thought blogging would ever still be this popular (I thought it was a lost art to video) or if it would have any significant impact on me and everyone else. But, of course I was dead wrong. It is alive and well in 2016 and is going to new and better heights. I feel proud to be apart of this wonderful place and really hope for the best from me down the road. Where the road eventually leads me, I can only wonder. My eyes have been opened. I am a better thinker because of blogging. I may consider myself a true nerd now. This may be my true calling in life. I kind of always knew I was meant for writing when I was little – I liked to be by myself and enjoyed reading books by myself. I had a dream of writing a book one day, even attempting it a couple times with no success. There was my Harry Potter knock-off, my Planet of the Apes knock-off, and my story about all these people with strange powers that somehow come together to save the world (unintentional Heroes knock-off). These ideas fizzled and died.

Mocha – A to Z Foods


Continuing on with my theme of food (and drink), here is a picture of a mocha latte I created today. It was made from an instant cafe mocha mix that only required some hot water mixed in. I left it sitting on the counter then until it went cold, proceeding to drink it very quickly while I drummed up this latest post.

I’m not a huge fan of coffee, as I’ve stated before on this blog, but a nice mocha latte with cream in it is something I find delicious. If I had any artistic abilities in coffee making, there would be a picture of something swirled into the coffee cup, like that of below:

The drink is named after Mocha, a port on the Red Sea, where coffee and leather (both called mocha) were first shipped.

What’s In A Like?

Nowadays, any piece of submitted content on the Internet has some way of reciprocating a response, a way of interacting with the creator. There are likes, dislikes, retweets, reblogs, comments, shares, reaction buttons, plus ones, and so much more. We are encouraged to connect and show some love (or hate) for our fellow users.

But what does this all really mean?

Are there any special awards given out for having the most likes? Not that I know of.

It’s a frivolous thing in my mind because you don’t usually remember that like after having moved on with your day. It gets lost in the shuffle with all of the other meandering things going on.

What was the first thing I ever liked on the Internet? I could not tell you. It would have to be on Facebook because MySpace didn’t have likes and YouTube was still using the star rating system at the time. Maybe it was one of my own posts because I was so desperate for attention back then and the online world was a great way for me to branch out.

I suppose it really serves as a way of validating something, showing that you care enough to provide feedback. Without all of the rating and sharing options, there wouldn’t be any social experience. Liking blog posts tells readers that the post was read and they got something from it (most of the time). You know who is reading and who cares.



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Price We Pay


There’s something out there

It is teeming with amazement

And the price we pay for our sins

As sweet as a warm spring day