The Girl on the Train


The Girl on the Train so far has been a thrilling read. It usually takes me more than a couple weeks to read a book with more than 300 pages and of this caliber. I’m a slow reader and like to take in the details and make sure I understand what I’m reading, creating the images in my mind of the characters, their actions, and the environment.

Here’s a passage from this great book:

I’m not quite sure what is going on in the story just yet as there doesn’t seem to be much reasoning behind the plot. A girl named Megan gets kidnapped and then Rachel known as “the girl on the train” spends the next couple chapters trying to find her, intertwined between stories of her affairs with a doctor and her drinking episodes. I’m about 100 pages from the conclusion to this bestselling novel that is now a movie. As with the last 100 pages of many thrilling mystery novels, I expect to get excited and anticipated about turning pages and seeing what will happen next.

For #NaNoPlobano2016 Day 29. No, I haven’t posted every day in November as this challenge calls for but have decided that I should at least try to see what this is all about.

Books are still a major part of our culture and will not die as long there is always a new generation of writers and authors bubbling on the horizon. I’m not exactly a bookworm but I enjoy a good read every once in a while when my mind is clear enough to comprehend and concentrate on the words.


Firing Back

An insult she heard

So deeply cutting

So deeply scarring

Tried to fire back

But the rebound missed

The firing words

They remain trapped inside

When she swiftly turns to the room

And yells out for her life

“I am free! Hear my ferocious roar!”

Those chains have been broken

Drawing A Blank

I’ve never read The Perfect Comeback of Caroline Jacobs but I can tell it is a good book. The cover art is interesting in that there is one desk colored yellow, maybe symbolizing Caroline Jacobs? Yellow is a color for cowards, so maybe she worked up the courage for something? The other seats all being blue has something to do with conforming to the standards, so Caroline must have rebelled?

Something New, Something Fried

Daily Prompt: Final Trio

For the first time, I am writing my blog from a location other than my home state. That’s right, I am in Wisconsin right now, visiting the older sister in Janesville (and many of you probably have never heard of this place). On our rather uneventful trip here, Emily’s iPod touch was connected to the car stereo and playing her set of songs, some I totally liked, others that were “meh”, but the song I probably loved the most during that trip was “Enter Sandman” by Metallica. I found myself singing along to some of the catchy lyrics and tapping my foot along to the uplifting, powerful beat. It’s an oldie (I would say anything older than 20 years qualifies) but still a goodie.

On an unrelated tangent…

There are days when I feel like waking up and making a nice healthy breakfast, complete with my now habitual over easy, fried eggs, two slices of slightly toasted bread topped with peanut butter, a glass of milk, and maybe some sausage or bacon on the side if it is available in our freezer of icy epic proportions (I put a leftover Frosty from Wendy’s in there last night and in the morning it was frozen solid like a rock – I placed it in the fridge to thaw out and will probably be a liquid by the time I get home from Wiscy in three days).

When the meal is prepared, I usually take my plate and head into the living room, using a bar stool as my eating surface. Turning my attention to the flat screen sitting in an entertainment stand about the size of a single bookcase, I always see the same shows on in the morning, the old-time classics on MeTV. Because of our limited number of channels on free antenna television, my television watching is like a bookcase with just a couple books on the shelf that I just keep pulling off, reading, putting back up, and then repeating again (for about three years now).

As I sit there pleasantly enjoying my modest meal, one or both of my cats come up to me, looking up at my food that must seem so much better to them than the old cat food in their dish. They occasionally will try to sniff at the food and have that begging look in their little black eyes. These cats don’t seem to know when they are hungry; they just eat out of pure instinct or whenever there is something juicy dangling in font of them. I occasionally will tease them, waving something tasty in front of them such as an egg, watching Goldie jump up at it, his eyes darting back and forth curiously, while my quick reflexes pull the poultry out of harms way (except for one time when Goldie swatted at the egg and successfully managed to drop it to the floor for a nice snack with Blackie joining in the lapping as well).

It’s days like this that I wish I had more people to converse with, more freedom to explore the world, to meet new and interesting people, join in worthwhile activities, instead of trying to find some sort of inspiration in my walled garden life. Rarely do I move outside the walled garden. Okay, maybe it’s not quite an enclosed garden where I don’t have access to certain things – I have opportunities to reach the high luxuries of life but have not had the means to find ways to reach them. With a very tight budget, getting my hands on the latest greatest technology, seeing movies when they first hit theaters, ordering the best, most expensive item on the menu just is not feasible. That’s what I call my walled garden or rather a garden that has a bunch of doors I have to get through by solving the combination locks in order to progress to freedom. Once I reach the final level, get through the final door, I will be able to live my life with very little restrictions, not have to worry about money, or wondering whether my dreams will stay just that – dreams. That’s the dream – to finally have all my ducks lined up in a row and have my life operating smoothly. To do anything and go anywhere I want because I have worked to make those opportunities possible, to have the financial leeway to do so.

Getting back to something cracked and fried, after I am done with my skimpy breakfast, I usually rinse the dish off in the sink and place it upside down out of a habit that I have gotten into, a sort of pet peeve.

Then there really isn’t much to do except open up my laptop again and either do some more needed brain exercises with my blog writing, edit some footage I took with my video camera, touch up some photos, or check out Facebook or Twitter once in a while, the latter being where I might find something I can contribute to and hopefully have some reciprocation from the Twittersphere, some much needed recognition for the work I put into cramming some great thoughts of mine into 140 characters or less. My thoughts on the #SonyHack? Just cowboy up and release the movie, see if the hackers are really serious about their threats or will be too cowardly to take any action once they realize we aren’t scared of them. Aren’t we the home of the free and the brave after all? Hopefully no one in East Asia is reading this because my front door is always left unlocked…and I’m not home.

0427 Incredible Egg

And after all the time taken to write this, I find out that it didn’t even post to the Daily Prompt grid. Damn pingbacks acting up again.

Wearing WordPress

Daily Post: We’re less than a week away from Halloween! If you had to design a costume that channeled your true, innermost self, what would that costume look like? Would you dare to wear it?

The cyberspace organism

Unfiltered beauty

Infinite natural mask

1024140034-00 (2)
WordPress: My Life Book

Daily Prompt 10/25/14

P.S. I really need to get a WordPress shirt!

When In Doubt, Harry Potter

What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without reading a book (since learning how to read, of course)? Which book was it that helped break the dry spell?


The Most Interesting Man in the World explains it best for me: since my computer and the Internet dominate my life these days, taking time to pick up a book has fallen out considerably. I often find myself merely reading the first couple pages of a novel before getting bored, putting it down, and proceeding to look up random crap on the web or opening up the fridge for the umpteenth time hoping to find something good to eat and then closing it again. But my interests in books picks up again when I start reading Harry Potter, since it is such an engaging series and is not hard to bite into (I mean that in a literary sense of getting greatly invested in the novel, not taking a juicy piece out of it).

It was about a year since I last read the whole way through a book but then I picked up Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban out of the brand new set of seven I had ordered from eBay. I started with the third book intentionally because that was how my experience in the Harry Potter universe began – in 2003 when I was eleven years old, ironically the same age as Harry in Sorcerer’s Stone (Philosopher’s Stone for the English)that I also read after Chamber of Secrets. Yup, I read the first three books in reverse order, diving into the middle of the saga and not having much clue who the characters were or what all the terminology meant. I read Azkaban first because that was the only book besides Goblet of Fire on the classroom shelf. I remember there being so much hype about Harry Potter, seeing all the merchandise floating around (a kid walking through the store with a Harry Potter backpack still burns my retinas), and how kids (and adults) were saying this was the best book ever. But it was the ignorant people who said the book was for children and nerds alike that turned me away from the series initially.

Well, I was hungry for a good read one day near the end of fifth grade and decided to try out one of the HP books on the shelf. I was quite a loner and books were a way for to fill an empty void in my life. Since I was a little embarrassed about reading Harry Potter, I snuck it out of the classroom and started reading the novel at home and oh, my…it was fantastic! I was hooked from the first sentence and not starting with the first book put some disbelief into the series for me as I didn’t readily know what to expect or what was supposed to happen. From first finding out about the Dursleys, to discovering this boy wonder with a lightning scar on his forehead, to being fooled by the notion that Sirius Black was indeed a murderer of 13 innocent Muggles, the book took me to a place I had never imagined before. Every night I read that novel and no one else even knew about it so it was a guilty pleasure for a while because Harry Potter had not quite hit the worldwide fan craze. I still remember the crispness of the pages, the marvelous artwork on the jacket, the magic that seemed to spill out into the air as I read and read, moving my mind into a frenzy, holding on to every word, eager to figure out what happened next.

After Azkaban, I immediately went to reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and that turned out to be one of the scariest reads for me, especially during the scene in the graveyard where the ratty Peter Pettigrew kills Cedric (“Kill the spare!”). To this day, I see that book as the turning point in the series, when Harry and the gang starting growing up and getting into more darker situations that have deadly consequences attached to them. Something changed in me as well after I finished Goblet; I felt older and wiser and started seeing the world in a new way. The bar was set higher for me in terms of quality of novels. For a while, Harry Potter seemed like the best thing since Twitter VHS tapes for me, that is until I got around to Artemis Fowl which is a whole nother story.

Daily Prompt 10/12/14


Opening a book to a random page

Scarlet caught my eye

In the most transcending way

Begonias and fever

Opposites of the spectrum

A black horse named Scarlet

From the prairies of western

A song made grateful by the Dead

Slightly orange with a tone of red

The sky was yellow

and the sun was blue

She wore scarlet begonias and I just knew

With those scarlet high heels and silk blonde curls

Fueling my fantasies above all girls

All scarlet begonias or a touch of the blues

Scarlet, the one I choose

My pulsing blood

The rich dark rose

Chasing my dreams

Like I’m in a Penrose

The Scarlet Letter made me cry

Hester Prynne laid down to die

Testing sin and guilt

His magnam opus

Repentance and dignity

It was hopeless

Lady Johansson, the one with two t’s

A North of excellence, brings many to their knees

She was the embodiment in Her, the soul of our wit

Made people cry

We all remember it

Now her nudies

Circle the web

Causing all sorts of hysteria

Fantasies in our head

Scarlet Knights

Blood and lips


Rugby and slips

The Scarlet cloth

So aptly named

Captain Scarlet

The marionette brain

Scarlet metalcore

Miss Scarlet in Clue

Erza Scarlet

Fairy Tail cool

Scarlet red

Street, runner, and cred

If I knew a Scarlet

She’d be my first wed 


Inspired by the Writing 101 prompt: To Whom it May Concern