The Macbofisbil Cuisine

I’ve been waiting for the day to use my alter ego in a creative way…

If any restaurant is going to name something after me, they’d better have a good reason to. What are my contributions to this unnamed eating establishment? I must have donated some money or did something incredible, such as eating all of their crackers up in one setting or tackling their previously impossible to eat Sasquatch Burger, since other than my laid back lifestyle, there really isn’t that much unique or interesting about me to have my mark set on something.

But let’s be optimistic here – if the Macbofisbil cuisine was suddenly put on the menu at Mystery restaurant, I would prefer my very own custom made burger to be the centerpiece. The bun would probably be light and fluffy and mostly air, describing my enjoyment of silence and the solitude, ideal ways to for me to write, practice photography, listen to music, or read books. Many layers on this burger, since I am no one trick pony. Two all steak patties, Colby jack, Swiss cheese, mushrooms, tomato, onion, pickles, special sauce, banana peppers, lettuce, on a toasted rye bun. You know the Big Mac? Well try the Macbofisburger, named after my online penname. It’s not just for blogging anymore. You and everyone else who pops into Bob’s Steakhouse will absolutely enjoy this burger, since it is made with the same love and care that I have, for most of the time, applied to running this blog – and some magic as well. Thick cut steak fries come on the side.

But that’s not all – since peanut butter is one of my favorite foods they would name their little in house spread packets after me. Macbofisbil peanut butter or something like that. Combine that with my ultimate favorite food, icecream, and you get the all new Macbofisbil specialty icecream on the dessert menu. I’m envisioning it as a sundae. With Macbofisbil peanut butter on the bottom and a juicy red strawberry on the top. That’s right. It’s not the cherry. Buck the system, buck tradition.  You can expect blueberry syrup running down over three scoops of yellow icecream since those colors describe my love for the Michigan Wolverines. I know this is not a common color of icecream but a scoop of grey would symbolize the grey areas in my mind, areas of the unexplainable, undefined, characteristics of my personality that aren’t really that clear to me. There would also be a scoop of mint chocolate chip, my favorite, and a topping of pecans (which are optional if you’re allergic). The Macbofisbil Sundae. Would anyone order this or the burger? I would assume so, since food is food, no matter what the label says. More menu items would come after these food successes. And then my very own Macbofisbil restaurant. Boy, it’s fun to dream.

And what a great way to extend my “brand” by having food bearing my invented name? They wouldn’t even have to know what it means.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “You, the Sandwich.”

If a restaurant were to name something after you, what would it be? Describe it. (Bonus points if you give us a recipe!)

Meat A Food From The Past

Today, write a post about the topic of your choice — using only one-syllable words.

This might be a post full of cheese and head drone, but I must write to the tune of what went on in my plain as rain life.

A great one came back this week. A hot one straight from the past. The one that will stay here for a while and then go back in the vault. They call it a trek back to the days of funk and soul. This turn back of the clock choice was so good that we all got one for the price of two for five. On the big board this takes two breaths to say, starts with a “Y”, ends with a “Bo”. Mr. W’s long lost kin, I say. But to say this was the best would be a lie, when it could quite be a thing I made at home once. Hot ham and cheese – how great and new that sounds. I loved it but in the end is a one and done deal that does not beat the king of King’s meat with two breads. Did this take me back to a time when I was not born? Not quite. That failed quite a lot, the place was quite plain, the home screen lied, made things all flair for show. Two score years gone has made its trip back to the top a great time. They all asked for it time and time for years. The head gave in and gave them what they want.

It is quite tough to write a good post with just one breath words in my box of tools. Please, do not give us this type of prompt on days to come.

There is just one last thing to say to end this – Yum, tum, rum, crumb, bo.

The Yumbo – a sandwich that had been off the Burger King menu for 40 years until this week. The caption is an exception for this post.

DP #72: “One at a Time.”