The Plan

Borrow some sugar

Borrow some flour

Make me a cake in

Under an hour

It will be golden brown

When it’s done

The glorious heat from the oven

Warm enough for everyone


Decoy Cake

You walk into your home to find a couple you don’t know sitting in your living room, eating a slice of cake. Tell us what happens next.

They’re eating one slice of cake together? Wouldn’t that be a little hard? I mean, this is one slice so it wouldn’t last very long among two people, definitely not long enough for me to get home from a long day at work and see them carefully savoring every morsel. This may be a newly wedded couple who have somehow drifted into my home (it’s always unlocked) and decided to get into the cake that was sitting in my fridge, reliving that sharing moment again. As is a tradition at weddings, the bride and groom get to eat the first piece of cake together.

Well, when I saw them on the couch, holding one plate of cake between them and looking satisfied with themselves, I most likely would be surprised at their appearance and ask who they are.

And the first words that come out the woman’s mouth are: French!

Yup, so I don’t understand her but her “husband” (it’s not implied if they are actually married) translates for me:

“We’re here to tell you something really important.”

“Oh, what could that be?”

“You seem to owe us something”

My expression turns to one of confusion:


“A lot of money”

“I do?”

The man pulls a gun out of his pocket – uh, oh.

“Yes. 20,000 to be exact.”

Holy – where did that come from? Did I make a bet with these people one day and then hit my head on something and black out? Cuz, I don’t remember twenty grand being on my list of to-dos.

“I think you’re making a mistake. I don’t remember owing anybody anything.”

“Think harder.”

I did. I racked my brains, clearing away all the clutter.

And then it hit me. I owe the government money for the loans I borrowed for college. I haven’t paid any of them off. These two are here to collect a debt, two representatives, two beat workers. But bringing a gun? What does he think I’m going to do, just hand over all of that money right now and forever hold my peace? Will he simply be okay with a minor payment? 50 dollars? Why do they need it all right now?

The cake was just a decoy. A conversation piece.

“You sure do…and you’ve got exactly hour to cough up the cash”.

And then I just stood there in silence, the once friendly looking lady now sporting a serious face like her counterpart. One hour? Are you kidding me?

“You may not leave the house – there are guards at the door.”

Wow, this just got a lot more intense. I’ve unknowingly entered my own game of psychological torture. They seem to be really serious but I can’t tell for sure. This might all be just a set-up. I’m on a TV show being pranked. They’re going to get me rifling through phone books and scrambling online for money all for nothing. But I could be wrong. I’m reminded of various horror movies involving these “game” scenarios, where the outcome is either life or death.

As for the rest of the story, well, it’s like those John Hancock commercials that have been going around. You’ll find out the rest online.

In Response to the Daily Prompt: Unexpected Guests

Cake From Every Angle


My birthday cake
Can’t put 24 candles
So I’ll be seven today
Made a wish
Blew them out
One was left
The final key
To another memory
Long lasting
Eat up

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “From Every Angle.”

Birthday Wishes



“Look, Lorie, it’s a comet!”, shouted her brother Pascal, nudging her slightly. They were sitting together on the roof of their house, just outside the open window of Lorie’s small room, listening to the crickets chirp and the wind blow calmly. Sure enough, when the teenage girl looked up, a brilliant trail of silvery dust could be seen speeding across the stellular sky. It quickly disappeared behind the horizon of trees in the distant countryside.

What a great thing to see on her birthday, Lorie thought. Nothing too exciting ever happened around the sleepy hillside just on the East side of the river that snaked though this part of Garris County. She sometimes wished she could get away and experience what was on the other side of the river, what mysteries she would uncover. Pascal and she would come up here often in the evenings just after supper had finished and mom and dad had settled into their favorite TV show together. It was a peaceful moment of bonding for them and they usually didn’t say much but let Mother Nature do the talking.

It had been a good day for the girl from a small town in the rural landscape. Her mother, a very fine chef, had meticulously baked her a cake, chocolate with strawberry frosting, and when she went to blow out the fifteen candles on top, she secretly wished for a number of things to happen to her in the future:

No.1 – She would marry a handsome prince who rode through the country on a white horse. No, that sounds so cliché and fairytale like. She did want to meet someone with a little ambition in life though, someone she could travel the world with, him having money being an obvious thing in this case, though she would definitely want to have her own source of wealth. This man would come from a rich family, of course, and would have attended the finest colleges, preferably one from the North.

No. 2 – Her eighteenth birthday would be even more extravagant than anything before. She imagined it being held in a large dance hall with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Everyone would be dressed up in their finest clothes, the men in tailored suits, the women in free-flowing dresses. She would be like the queen, everyone singing for her, all the eligible bachelors wanting a chance to dance with her on that smooth parquet floor.

And No. 3 – She would have had the greatest last year of high school during that eighteenth year. Many unimaginable things would happen to her. Lorie would be elected Homecoming Queen, walking along the good-looking King who happened to be the star quarterback of the football team. She would get to take the class trip to a faraway country, preferably Paris, since that is what she had heard was exclusive to the upperclassmen of her school. Again, it all sounds so cliché, but after living her life for so long in a low-key, unassuming way, being able to do something that not everyone gets so lucky to do and being celebrated for just once would elate Lorie.

She would love to have a day everyday that celebrated her, made her feel like the most important thing in the world. Like having a birthday everyday, as Katy Perry would say (yes, she knew about pop music even way back in this area where it all but seemed unlikely to exist, having listened to her friends music at school), getting the most wonderful gifts, being able to go anywhere she chooses. She would be floating on a weightless cloud, not a thing to harm her, always happy.

“Hey, Lorie, you okay?”

She hadn’t realized she was still sitting up there on the roof with Pascal, having drifted off into deep fantasizing thought. Pascal had made as if he was about to go inside again, silently gesturing for his sister to do the same.

“Yeah, I’m fine, was just thinking about something”, Lorie answered, still looking ahead towards the forest, the last bit of sunlight slowly sinking.

“What was that?,” Pascal asked curiously, choosing to sit back down again.

“Just something amazing. I can’t hardly put it into words but it is nice.”

Pascal didn’t answer this time but looked at Lorie as if he was intrigued by what she said. After she seemed to fall into deep thought again, he simply smiled and sat there quietly with her, just staring at the cosmic display of stars amid the half crescent moon.

After a few minutes, he finally broke the silence.

“It’s okay to dream sis, but don’t let it go to your head.”

Lorie finally looked at him after he had said this. He must had figured what she thinking then  With him being a few years older than she is, he was basically fit to tell her to not be so naive when it came to the world, that not everything is as good as it seems. Sure, she thinking she may get to be a famous moviestar someday might had seemed an impossible thing, but in her dreams it seemed closer than ever as if she were actually there on the red carpet…

With this final thought, she sighed deeply and went back inside, Pascal following close behind. She’ll get to show off someday, Lorie solemnly thought.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Festivus for the Rest of Us.”