I Want Candy


Candy was a flavorful trip

Exciting my sweet taste buds

But leaving an empty craving

Of no lasting memory



Chocolate mythos

Fluffy as a king’s cushion

The soft breaking whisper

#NaNoPoblano2016 Day 19

Bite Size World – Random Mind


A trail of Reese’s Pieces or just peanut butter M&Ms. Alternating orange, brown, yellow (yellow is the minority here). One of my favorite kinds of chocolate confections. There was a sale raising money for charity today and I paid four quarters for this bite size snack.

Share Your World – 2015 Week #46

What type of popular candy do you not like to get?

What do you feel is the most enjoyable way to spend $500? 

Where do you eat breakfast?

Would you rather ride one of the worlds longest zip lines or bungee jump one of the highest in the world? This will come with a 5-day all expense vacation.

Just six more weeks in 2015? Wow. It’s been quite a year and there still are more events to be packed into the remaining days.

Here are my answers to the questions:
1. There aren’t too many candies I will never buy since they are all so good, but PayDay is definitely one of them. I hate when the caramel gets stuck in my teeth.

2. The last time I had more than $500 in any account of mine, I used it to buy 2010’s Photoshop CS5, which I still have to this day. So I guess you could say I would buy some piece of new software with it, like PS CS6 or CC, because I seriously need to upgrade. Or a
new smartphone, preferably the iPhone. But the most enjoyable way to spend half of 1K is to browse through the stores and maybe not buy something right away but weigh your options. Having no pressure is the best. Online shopping is good in this case. There isn’t anyone around to bug you.

3. On my futon. Sometimes without a plate.

4. Zip lining and bungee jumping are two things I’ve never come close to attempting. I suppose it’s the lesser of two evils here. With zip lining, I can see where I’m heading; with bungee jumping, I’d be afraid of hitting my head on something or falling to my death if the cord ripped. So the
world’s longest zip line. I love a good rush of danger once in a while.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Well last week, the attacks on Paris happened and I’m grateful that people from multiple countries came together and expressed their thoughts and prayers on the tragedy. It seems as if attacks like these are happening more and more now and the world is becoming an increasingly hostile and dangerous place.


Thanksgiving is coming up next week. I am looking forward to making some of my famous pies and celebrating another little holiday with my family that keeps getting smaller as members move away.

That’s just a little slice of my life.

Share Your World 2015 Week 46

One Minute Guilt

Whether it’s a trashy TV show, extra-pulpy fiction, or nutrient-free candy, write a thank-you note to your guiltiest guilty pleasure.

Thank you Mr. Paul,

for the one candy that cheers me up.

In about four bites it’s gone,

but the guilty pleasure never stops.

Almond Joys are a sure treat

and come by real cheap.

Sort of like the candy version of porn,

and I wish I could write a better thank you note,

but Mounds is over there crying up a storm…


DP #63: “Grateful and Guilty.”

WPC: Tightly Packed

9616724224_4e18e6257a_o Do you know how long it would take to have the top layer of this container of gumballs to reach the very bottom? Probably a very, very, very long time since on an average day only a small handful of people ever receive gumballs from the machine. The descent these gumballs take is monumentally slow. Even two gumballs leaving the hoard barely moves the stack down an inch. Unless the glass of this tall stack gets broken and all the sugar filled assortments patter down like rain to the hard tiled floor, these gumballs are going to be stuck in a virtual traffic jam for eternity. They’re like tightly packed particles in a solid like object, unable to move or be free to wander by their lonesome. There’s no room to breathe; it’s like being stuck in a New Year’s Eve crowd in Times Square. If you follow the white gumballs traveling down the stack, the descent idea in this picture becomes more evident.

The gumball machine in context

Bonus Picture: Escalading


 Photo Challenge for Week of October 31: Descent

Eating It All Myself

It’s Halloween, and you just ran out of candy. If the neighborhood kids (or anyone else, really) were to truly scare you, what trick would they have to subject you to?

Halloween was fairly uneventful this year
Only three kids came to the door
So when you ask me if I ran out of candy
What scare would be in store
It would be a very bad bellyache, cavities galore
Because I ended up eating it all
The storm chasing everyone away
My delicately carved pumpkin
Now just wasting away

PTDC0159 (2)
I carved out this spider last night

Daily Prompt 10/31/14