Feline Disturbance

I caught three of them hanging out behind the house, in a sort of silent ritual, get together. Sneaky cats. I must have deprived them of their peace and get away time. Cats don’t care about us humans. It’s all about the food and shelter. They prefer to be with their own kind when given the chance.

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Cats R Us


I’ve had cats my whole life, lots and lots of them. About every ridiculous name you could imagine has been applied to my furry friends, some of them by me, some by others, some of them by accident.

Almost every cat’s name I can remember:

Cocoa, Blackie, Napster, Whiskers, Gracie, Fluffy, Smuckers, Kimba (previously Flatty and then Flutters), Goldie (2 cats), Cocoa-Vanilla, Pineappler (not a mispelling), Spaz, Midnight, Freefall, Velvet, Chet, Darby, Chester, Jesus, Paczki, Boo-boo, Peaches, Bubbles, Brewster, and I’m sure there’s more but this is a start.

I’ve had one dog in my entire life and it’s name was Deuce. A small dog given to us that we only had for a few months before he was taken away. He usually stayed tied up outside on the porch because of the dozens of cats inside getting him riled up and scared.

Besides cats, I had a couple fish as pets as well. They’re a lot easier to take care but a lot less interesting (and don’t live long). I remember the first time I flushed a fish down the toilet after it was found upside down in the fish bowl. There were no tears. I was old enough already having witnessed death before.

Buddy and An Odd Trio

WPC: Eye Spy

Cat's Eye
The cat’s eye
Marble like
Glassy sphere
Mysteries lie within
The depths of a black ocean
Sandy bordering shore
Full moon above

Day 277 - WinkBootsGoldieWilly

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eye

A Little Comic Relief


Cats are the subjects of much humor on the Internet. All those funny memes with whimsical captions of irregular grammar have become a pop cultural staple. Now a cat named Grumpy has her own company that produces films, TV shows, comic books, posters, clothing, and more. I know because there is currently a poster on my wall of the famous feline, something I’m not ashamed to admit.

I enjoy perusing Google images for memes of cats and other funny junk just for a good laugh and to find relief from some of the more tragic moments in the news, such as the Oregon Community College shooting that once again put a damper on the safety of the American educational system. Why is something like that still happening in 2015? Haven’t schools learned or is it finally time to start having extra extra security such as having hired gunman at all the entrances during school hours?

A moment like that clearly demands deep respect and during the day it happened, the nation all came together and mourned. A few days later and now it’s okay to laugh again but the images of that day are still in my mind and I’m quietly remembering the 13, including the gunmen, who all died and will forever be rooted in history.

I know when it’s appropriate and not appropriate to laugh at something. During tragic events, I feel that immersing myself in something humorous would only be disrespectful to the current situation. Seriousness is a trait I am glad I possess and can put on at the right moments. Most times, I am just an easy going person and laugh like any normal person would.

Humor has always been the best medicine
The place where I can go and forget about the hate
And just go and find some relief, something that can relate
Our good friend YouTube is the best place to go
To see our favorite icons putting on a funny show
They pull you out of your zone, make you feel happy
Just for one moment your life is fine, your lips are chappy
A viral video hit, a comical gamer
A waffle falling down, a shocking squirrel tater

Cat memes and monkeys
Fumbles and mishaps
Pie-face and ice buckets
Dumb sayings and slap-backs

But outside of that, the saddening news we see
The deep dark stories that we rave
The ones that pull on heartstrings
Refocusing the mind of me
It’s these type of stories
That don’t call for humor
Because they are so sensitive
Were struck out of the broken bloomer
And it would be really insensitive
To find anything funny in them
It’s best to know when to make a joke
Then spare the humility
Of being the lone bloke

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Too Soon?.”

Can anything be funny, or are some things off limits?

Habits: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Photographing some of my habits was interesting. Some of them can’t really be shown because they are internal while some are too personal or embarrassing to show. But I rounded up some of the things that are easily captured with my camera. .
Saving UpVery good habit of putting loose change in a savings bank
BloggingThe one habit that has become more of a lifestyle: blogging Cat on sillBlackie has a habit of sitting in the window
CuriousAnd looking out it curiously like this.Cat in the fridgeAnd he loves to hop into the fridge when I open it.sandwichhabitsAnd my favorite habit of making sandwiches to snack on, usually peanut butter but there was none today so this is bacon, lettuce, barbecue, and the final scrapings from the PB jar.

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge: 2015 Week #28

Time for another odd ball challenge.
Flash EyesMy cat named Blackie with a chain in his mouth. The flash of the camera makes him look freaky. I didn’t intend for that to happen.Day 363 - BottleCapsManhole covers painted in the primary colors. Reminded of the candy BottleCaps. A nice form of art but out of place with the rest of the drab city that it’s located in.Day 343 - Headphone EyesSomething I did with my spare time while trying to figure out what would make a good picture. This strange idea resulted.
Til' Death
Another odd moment from Hell, Michigan
A row of evergreen tree shapes against a wall at The Great Mall in Kansas. Nothing too interesting about this shot. I wasn’t thinking anything special in mind when this was snapped. It just happened.


The late night shift is where I’m at,

I’m up all night, prowling like a cat

Browsing the web, playing games,

Bingeing Netflix, it’s a fun shame

My bedtime’s not in stone, it’s not within my cards

Try waking me up at 6:00 morning, you’d wish you were from Scotland Yard

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Golden Hour.”

6:00AM: the best hour of the day, or too close to your 3:00AM bedtime?