The Final Which Way

Cee Neuner, a wonderful photographer, is putting out her final Which Way Challenge this week. Sob. I’ve had fun with it, doing it on occasional on and off weeks when I had the inspiration and pictures to use. Here are just some pictures from my archives that show “The Way”.
 Down the Beach Staircase in the Lincoln home City of Springfield 3D layout This is a place frozen in timeAnd some “NO” signs
No Diving

Cee’s Which Way Challenge: 2015 Week #38 

Sense of Touch: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Here is my set of interesting shots for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Sense of Touch. It’s quite interesting to photograph things that normally wouldn’t be that great of interest to me, but yet another photo challenge refines my photographic eye (and hopefully memory).

Touching a light pole - cold and hard
My hand touching a light pole – cold and hard. The world is upside down because I thought this looked more interesting that way.
Prickly weeds – I’ve learned not to touch these but the lawn mower has a field day with them
Water coming down from the house spigot
The monster weed in greater detail
My cat on a soft bed of pillows – a combination of soft things
Sharp – the edge of this can lid that I cut my finger on a few days ago. Ouch!
Dandelion – soft, delicate, and expendable
Hard rock – literally. A close up of a crack in the driveway which looks like it contains a deep chasm of inescapable porportions.
Plastic Chewbacca
U can touch this weed
What use is a golf ball without a club?

Which Way Challenge: Exits/Entrances

I haven’t done a Cee’s Which Way challenge in a while, mainly because I’ve been trying to see how it fits in with my blog, which is constantly trying to find direction, that great beacon of light. While on my hiatus, I got some interesting pictures of “The Way” on my travels.
The WayShowing the exit or entrance of a fast food place.
Sun settingSun setting over the ride on the road home.
Coca-Cola TruckThe Coca-Cola truck in Illinois again. Previously featured here.Big SkyA big sky landscape overlooking a Meijer parking lot. Archway
Archway of a Mexican restaurant, fences separating two different entrances. A very elegant setup, actually.

Cee’s Which Way Challenge: 2015 Week 35

Habits: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Photographing some of my habits was interesting. Some of them can’t really be shown because they are internal while some are too personal or embarrassing to show. But I rounded up some of the things that are easily captured with my camera. .
Saving UpVery good habit of putting loose change in a savings bank
BloggingThe one habit that has become more of a lifestyle: blogging Cat on sillBlackie has a habit of sitting in the window
CuriousAnd looking out it curiously like this.Cat in the fridgeAnd he loves to hop into the fridge when I open it.sandwichhabitsAnd my favorite habit of making sandwiches to snack on, usually peanut butter but there was none today so this is bacon, lettuce, barbecue, and the final scrapings from the PB jar.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Cream to Light Brown

BeachlighthousebucketsThe Lion Sleeps TonightLakeshore

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Cream to Light Brown

Cee’s Which Way Challenge: 2015 Week #28

AirOur sharing air, great,
It’s available for all,
Multicycled men
whichway2015aA doorway to learning
Taking me away
Library of mindful freedom
libraryAnd now I leave
Satisfaction is done
Will return for
Tomorrows next mindful voyage
whichway2015The sign tells me so
I obey lofty command
Fire resists inside

Cee’s Which Way Challenge: 2015 Week #28

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge: 2015 Week #28

Time for another odd ball challenge.
Flash EyesMy cat named Blackie with a chain in his mouth. The flash of the camera makes him look freaky. I didn’t intend for that to happen.Day 363 - BottleCapsManhole covers painted in the primary colors. Reminded of the candy BottleCaps. A nice form of art but out of place with the rest of the drab city that it’s located in.Day 343 - Headphone EyesSomething I did with my spare time while trying to figure out what would make a good picture. This strange idea resulted.
Til' Death
Another odd moment from Hell, Michigan
A row of evergreen tree shapes against a wall at The Great Mall in Kansas. Nothing too interesting about this shot. I wasn’t thinking anything special in mind when this was snapped. It just happened.

Cee’s Which Way Challenge: Eat and Greet

The theme of my batch of pictures this week is food, specifically signs I’ve captured that depict different food or names of restaurants.

Hot Fudge PuffA sign hanging in the window of a classic icecream joint written by hand with permanent marker. Has a sort of 1960s or 70s vintage look about it. As you can see, the icecream stand is directly across from a residential street. And if you look behind the letters, you can see me taking the picture.Snack Bar signAnother sign directing to the snack bar at Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, Michigan which I went to in 2013 with a couple of friends. A smiling meerkat is holding an icecream cone. Has a childish factor to it, aimed towards making young kids feel comfortable at the zoo.
Cheesecake FactoryThe Cheesecake Factory! Inspired to visit and eat there by The Big Bang Theory, which basically helped it get discovered by many more people than before. The cheesecake is out of this world, unlike anything I’ve ever tasted before. They also have lunch and dinner meals and appetizers, which are also fantastic, especially the jalapeno nachos.
ReceiptAnd here is the ending ticket from a meal at a Denny’s in Indiana just last summer. The waiter’s name was Steve Austin so my family that was with me kept thinking of the “Stone Cold” WWE wrestler.

Cee’s Which Way Challenge: 2015 Week #27

More Than Five: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Day 354 - BountifulOranges are one of my favorite fruits and are eaten quite quickly, sometimes right out of the “shell” and sometimes cut in half with the juice sucked out. This is one of those pictures of a table of oranges that acts as a sort of color profiler, showcasing the color orange with a monochrome consistent tone. Enough there to make a couple glasses of orange juice.

mirrorA neat mirror trick that I’ve always been intrigued by – how far back do the mirror images go? Is there any such thing as infinity? What if I could travel through that cascade of mirrors, going deeper and deeper until I’m about 5000 layers in? Would I ever reach an end? Are there alternate universes in one of those far away mirror images?
Day 286 - Snow White & the Seven DwarvesThere’s a woman living in my community who puts out this set of classic characters every year after winter passes. One time a couple of the dwarves got stolen but were presumably found and returned not long after.
Day 295 - The Whole Potter
Still a classic series after all these years. This is my set of seven books I bought new last year and are acting more like paper weights since I’ve only read one book so far. Clearly my taste in literature has grown since last reading Harry Potter as a child, but the nostalgia still gets me back into it and excited.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: More than 5 Items

Cee’s Fun Foto: Numbers and Letters

The next installment of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week deals with pictures that contain both letters and numbers. Trying to breath some new life into my photographic hobby and find new objects and use new perspective, I thought about what I have learned so far about taking good pictures and applied those techniques today while out walking around. One of those things that came to mind was the Rule of Thirds.
A lottery ticket – what are my chances of winning anything? Apparently not a whole lot.
netters_yardstickNo matter how hard I try, I can never get the hang of the metric system, nor can any American for that matter.
netters_speedlimitI can’t drive 15. Rotated on a slight angle to appear big and bold.
netters_licenseIt’s my car’s license plate, using the Rule of Thirds.
netters_houseA house code – 2737A. Another example of the Rule of Thirds.
netters_forsaleHouse for Sale – don’t call the number, please!
18 large eggs, one for each hole of golf.