Cee’s Which Way Challenge: Eat and Greet

The theme of my batch of pictures this week is food, specifically signs I’ve captured that depict different food or names of restaurants.

Hot Fudge PuffA sign hanging in the window of a classic icecream joint written by hand with permanent marker. Has a sort of 1960s or 70s vintage look about it. As you can see, the icecream stand is directly across from a residential street. And if you look behind the letters, you can see me taking the picture.Snack Bar signAnother sign directing to the snack bar at Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, Michigan which I went to in 2013 with a couple of friends. A smiling meerkat is holding an icecream cone. Has a childish factor to it, aimed towards making young kids feel comfortable at the zoo.
Cheesecake FactoryThe Cheesecake Factory! Inspired to visit and eat there by The Big Bang Theory, which basically helped it get discovered by many more people than before. The cheesecake is out of this world, unlike anything I’ve ever tasted before. They also have lunch and dinner meals and appetizers, which are also fantastic, especially the jalapeno nachos.
ReceiptAnd here is the ending ticket from a meal at a Denny’s in Indiana just last summer. The waiter’s name was Steve Austin so my family that was with me kept thinking of the “Stone Cold” WWE wrestler.

Cee’s Which Way Challenge: 2015 Week #27

More Than Five: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Day 354 - BountifulOranges are one of my favorite fruits and are eaten quite quickly, sometimes right out of the “shell” and sometimes cut in half with the juice sucked out. This is one of those pictures of a table of oranges that acts as a sort of color profiler, showcasing the color orange with a monochrome consistent tone. Enough there to make a couple glasses of orange juice.

mirrorA neat mirror trick that I’ve always been intrigued by – how far back do the mirror images go? Is there any such thing as infinity? What if I could travel through that cascade of mirrors, going deeper and deeper until I’m about 5000 layers in? Would I ever reach an end? Are there alternate universes in one of those far away mirror images?
Day 286 - Snow White & the Seven DwarvesThere’s a woman living in my community who puts out this set of classic characters every year after winter passes. One time a couple of the dwarves got stolen but were presumably found and returned not long after.
Day 295 - The Whole Potter
Still a classic series after all these years. This is my set of seven books I bought new last year and are acting more like paper weights since I’ve only read one book so far. Clearly my taste in literature has grown since last reading Harry Potter as a child, but the nostalgia still gets me back into it and excited.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: More than 5 Items

Cee’s Fun Foto: Numbers and Letters

The next installment of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week deals with pictures that contain both letters and numbers. Trying to breath some new life into my photographic hobby and find new objects and use new perspective, I thought about what I have learned so far about taking good pictures and applied those techniques today while out walking around. One of those things that came to mind was the Rule of Thirds.
A lottery ticket – what are my chances of winning anything? Apparently not a whole lot.
netters_yardstickNo matter how hard I try, I can never get the hang of the metric system, nor can any American for that matter.
netters_speedlimitI can’t drive 15. Rotated on a slight angle to appear big and bold.
netters_licenseIt’s my car’s license plate, using the Rule of Thirds.
netters_houseA house code – 2737A. Another example of the Rule of Thirds.
netters_forsaleHouse for Sale – don’t call the number, please!
18 large eggs, one for each hole of golf.

Four Walls and a Roof

My elementary school in Parma, MI. Still seems like yesterday when looking at this photo I snapped
The “dream house” on the side of my road, as I call it
During the brief “yellow car game” fad of 2010, this was taken
The house that I lived in for the shortest time, not even a year

I have lived in many houses in my lifetime, have moved around inside a radar like area staying close to the certain hotspot amenities that I had gotten used to my whole life. Many good things and bad things happened in these houses and they all have their own set of events according to my storyline so far. Whenever I think of one particular house I lived in, I know the exact time period and what was going on in my life at the time, what sort of things were on my mind. The elementary school I went to, as seen in the above picture taken last year, looks as if nothing has changed with it the last time I was sitting in a classroom there in 2003 – of course, with a small town like Parma, nothing seems to change.

Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Houses

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge: Week #24

For Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge this week, I decided to dig through some of my Facebook pictures that have been on there since I started, many of them I have forgotten about. These were from the Random album. I fixed them up a bit in Photoshop and introduced them to the picture universe of Flickr.


This picture, taken nearly five years ago in a hospital room, is of my sister apparently lying on the floor sleeping. The opening scene from the “Welcome Munchkins” part of The Wizard of Oz, where the house has landed on the wicked witch of the east, comes to mind.


I have no idea who this is but I thought he was cool enough to get a picture of. My sister actually begged me to get a picture of this man because she thought he was “adorable” and called him “Turtle” because of his green colors. More like The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Whatever, then.


One of my past cats named Spaz stretching out on top of the TV set. This was always an odd cat.
Grill in the Chill!

It was a dare.

One Moon For All

There is one moon in the sky that we have worshiped and counted the years by for millenia. It is the Moon, and needs no fancy name like other planets’ satellites. And if you think about the time that little rock has been up in the sky, say 4.5 billion years just like Earth, the 40 something years that have gone by since man last set foot on it seems minuscule in comparison. My moon is your moon as the same water you drank today was also drank by many people before you, including me. That same moon was gazed upon by ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and other civilizations. Dinosaurs probably eyed it one time or another.

Strawberry Moon | June

This is the Strawberry Moon of June that I captured earlier this month in my backyard. The best picture I’ve ever gotten of the magnificent orb to this point. I used a tripod to steady the shot and zoomed in with my HD video camera set to the photo mode and snapped a number of shots until I got one that was centered perfectly since the camera kept wobbling and getting the moon off target. A lowering of the white exposure on my camera also eliminated that bright glow of the moon and brought out its fine details, such as the dark spots and crater marks.

Isn’t it amazing how life on Earth is dependent upon this hunk of rock? Without it, our world would be very different, maybe inhabitable (for humans at least). The ice poles would shift constantly, possibly freezing organisms to death who aren’t used to it; the hot zones would also shift, possibly making Antarctica a warm place, melting all the ice and snow. It would be a Topsy turvy world, the seasons sporadically changing, Earth wobbling dangerously like a top. And somebody actually wanted to blow up the Moon…sheesh.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: One Item

Odd Ball Challenge: 2015 Week #23

0510151209-00This cake was supposed to say “Happy Mother’s Day” but the creator must have had a brain fart or was distracted and wrote “Happy Brother’s Day”. Being that this cake was meant for my mom on Mother’s Day, I guess I got a little recognition as well 🙂 This cake obviously wasn’t done by a professional.
Don't sit on meDuring me and my family’s stay in Hell, Michigan, we visited Scream’s Icecream Shop. There was a lot of weird looking stuff in there, many of it Hell/Halloween themed, but this chair was one of the funniest and uniquest things I discovered.
The “ninja door” in Holt, Michigan that I always see on the way to plasma donation. And this building is a karate school so I believe it was intentional. Anyone who fails the school must get kicked out the “ninja door” 😀
Devil butt
Another odd thing from Hell…Michigan and I don’t know what else to say.
One of the oddest animals in the world. Just what are those humps for?
Blinded by the light
An unintentional result of sunlight obscuring the picture.
Day 17 - Lampshade
And the oddest of all, my dad.