The Changing

My whole world is changing

Things aren’t the way they used to be

I feel the past slipping away

And the future calling for me

My dreams must not stay dreams

They must come true some day

For I am more than just a number

Uniquely I am

Ready to launch

Away from that vanilla sea

Of monotony and boredom

But the gravity will always

Bring me back down

In the very end



The Pace of Relevancy

Like this car, we all keep moving forward into the future

It’s really hard to stay relevant these days, with the world moving so fast. Technology keeps advancing at an alarming rate. The Internet continues to grow and dominate discussion. Anything that was popular a year ago has already gone past people’s minds. If you want to stay on top, you have to keep working, or else you fade into the past. I was born in the 90s and any remnant of those days probably resides in the darkest corners of the world or up in attics collecting dust.

I wish I could slow it all down and have time to enjoy the things that are popular right now, instead of having to move on to the “Next Best Thing”. I’m usually one of the last to pick up something new and exciting because I don’t easily give into hype. By the time I hop on the popular bandwagon, the thing that was cool and trendworthy has already lost its luster or changed into something completely different. I haven’t even laid my hands on an iPhone – ever – and it’s going to celebrate its 10th anniversary next year.

I’ve recently been using the Wayback Machine to take a look at the way popular websites have grown and changed over the years and it’s quite interesting. Webpages from the early 2000s look so outdated and unprofessional with no uniformity or branding at all. I was looking at YouTube and saw that it started out as a simple place to upload and watch videos and then eventually developed into this immersive experience. The video player that is the focal point of the website has changed. It used to be this square box centered on the page with a jumble of sharing options and other buttons underneath – very messy and cluttered – and now it’s this beautiful widescreen rectangle siting snugly against the left side of the screen with no clutter at all. They’ve changed their layout a number of times, going with some that people loved to others that were totally disliked. I also took a look at some individual channels (like Smosh and PewDiePie) and how they started out from humble beginnings and have continued to please their fans today.

The pace of relevancy all depends on how people grow and change over time. How interests evolve. If a product or person doesn’t keep up with the times and how people change, it or they will won’t survive. With the “Yeah!” or “Nay” response getting even more clear and quicker, you have to really try hard to make something that is appealing to a wide audience.

Pace Oddity

If you could slow down an action that usually zooms by, or speed up an event that Nnormally drags on, which would you choose, and why?

New Kid On the Block

Daily Prompt: The Outsiders

The summer of 2003 will always be the turning point in my life. My small clan moved away into an old farmhouse located way back in the sticks, nearly isolated except for another house that was on the other side of some trees. It was hot, it was sticky. That ratty couch I initially slept on. The lights were old, the water was bad. Nothing in the fridge was good to eat. Cupboards full of mysterious items, many of them probably over 20 years old. About 20 cats were walking around, most of them mean and unfriendly – one always hid in the ceiling that I blocked off with a wine rack one day, the cat trying to get in to my amusement. I had no room because the upstairs was taken by my sisters, so I had to construct one out of wooden boards that were lying against the door, dividing a place off in the living room. Slept on a mattress lying on the floor. It was dusty and dirty. A window was broken where I slept, letting flies and cold air in. Life couldn’t have dropped any further for me after living in what I thought was an immaculate palace compared to these conditions. For the first time, we were actually living like hillbillies. My mom even had this idea to hang clothes on a line outside but abandoned it, to my relief. Thankfully, we aren’t living there anymore.

For the first time, I would be going to a new school in a new city where I knew no one at all and no one knew small town me. Middle school. Sixth grade. The big transition in my life, going away from the kiddies in elementary to the beginning of my teenager life and beyond. I turned 12 and though I didn’t know it yet, my own body was betraying me. Sprouting up acne all over, my nose growing at least an inch.

There was never a time like middle school. It had to be the worst transitional period in my life. I was constantly laughed at and the target of finger pointing and whispers. And it didn’t help that I couldn’t say anything back. Truly an outsider I was during that long and torturous year. I really missed my old friends back in my hometown, who would have understood what I was going through and might have supported me, since they totally knew what I was like.

The kids let me have it during the first few days of sixth grade. I was teased and made fun of. My old pair of jeans were too short and my new shirts were from the clearance rack – stuff nobody wanted anymore. Was called a geek. Pathetic and shy. Endured ridicule and humility everyday.

The demographics at this school were completely flipped. At my previous school, it was all Caucasian, but here the majority was African-American with whites mixed in. In my homeroom class, I really felt out of place. Sat at the back at the room in front of one student who didn’t like the way I smelled, which was true because I had never taken the task of bathing seriously until this point of my life. It seemed as if noone liked me, not even the teachers. I cried once when I had a paper late and the teacher called me out on it, singling me out. I buried my head in my arms, already feeling eyes on me and the humility.

The final day of sixth grade, I sat by myself on a hill in the back of the school overlooking everyone, taking in one of the worst years of my life. This was the end of the year picnic for all the students and faculty. It was supposed to be a great day with everyone being cheerful, and that everyone was, except me. I guess I just had a chip on my shoulder after spending the entire year as the definite outsider, all these insults being directed at me. It wasn’t made any better when a teacher quietly whispered about my appearance while I was getting some icecream from a table, burying me deeper into this yearlong depression. Really immature, I must say.

Seventh grade was better, the insults dying down, but the teasing and taunting a bigger annoyance – and my grades plummeted. I got an F in a class for the very first time. At least I made a couple of friends this year and actually had some fun and was able to laugh along.

Eighth grade was an enlightenment. I moved back home to familiar territory. Now I started to earn respect. I was feeling older and more wiser now. My grades improved, but I still was terrible at math, especially Algebra that I was just getting my feet wet in.

And from there, everything only got better, the horrible pubescent years forever over. It’s been ten years since I left that poor school. I now look back on it and laugh, now realizing it wasn’t that big of a deal after all.

Tell us about the experience of being outside, looking in — however you’d like to interpret that.

Moving Forward

Head to one of your favorite blogs. Write a companion piece to their penultimate post.

I wasn’t going to do this but I ultimately decided it was important.

As we get older, we realize some things just aren’t the same anymore. The kids get younger and the trends that once were popular in our day have suddenly died out, paving way for the next best thing. When sports start featuring kids from the 90s, and eventually 2000s, you know there is no where to go but up – or forward. The athletes you looked up to as a kid suddenly are younger than you.

There becomes a disconnect between generations and understanding. You don’t know where to turn and really don’t know know how to fit in with the new wave. A certain bit of jealously comes along the way as well, such as wanting to be back in school again and relearning all the things that were so fun.

But getting older has its advantages. You have more opportunities and freedoms in the world. There’s more respect. Can drink and gamble – responsibly. Get into any kind of film you choose; of course, I was already watching adult movies before I turned 18 and had had my share of magazines.

At what point do birthdays become as pointless and boring as soup? At what point do you just want to freeze time or start going backwards. I’d say it would be when you reach middle age and life seems to have gotten stuck in neutral. When it is no longer cool to act like a kid and society would think you’re short a few screws.

Everything moves forward…

A new batch of kids are going to see Star Wars for the first time when it comes out on December 18. The seventh major film in the megabillion dollar franchise comes out during one of the most social periods in human history. The last film in 2005 didn’t have the luxuries of multiple ways of sharing content online with just the click of a button. If I wanted to see the trailer for Phantom of the Menace in 1999, I’d have to either wait for it to appear on TV or get a sneak peak of it before a feature film in the theater.

The film is obviously going to be a smash hit and most will likely shatter box office records within a day, no matter what the critics think. I have already pre-ordered tickets from Fandango for a December 17 screening, citing the thought that it will be hard to get tickets when the film is released. The film comes out on the 18th, so this must be a special pre-screening for a limited number of individuals. Lucky me will get to be one of the first to see the anticipated film, but will have to keep quiet for one day so not to spoil the fun for those fans who have been waiting three long years since Disney met George. This will be the first time a Star Wars film comes out where I am familiar with the story, having just recently watched all six films, and am actually mildly interested in seeing one.

Here is the amazing trailer:

Many despise having any more films after the original trilogy because of the story being wrapped up so nicely in Return of the Jedi. But money speaks loudly, especially in the brain dead creative space of Hollywood that definitely is in love with sequels. Do we really need a Toy Story 4? A Woody and Bo Peep love story, are you kidding me? What’s next, Woody finding out Bo is having an affair with Hamm? I believe this beloved franchise should be put to rest before it is exhausted to death.

One of my favorite bloggers, Insach, had his birthday a few days ago and I decided to expand upon his post about changes.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Companionable.”

Changes In the Air

A sign of changes in the trees. Moving toward Autumn.

Going from this
To this

Death is natural…rebirth is imminentchange2
The leaves…stripping off for us

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Change.”

Thoughts On…Changes

Google has just released a new logo after nearly twenty years. That’s big news. And I have mixed feelings. The first time I saw it after going to Google on my smartphone, I was very excited. “Google changed their logo? Wow!” I exclaimed. But then I began to miss old “Catull” as is the name of the font in the original logo, seeing the simplification as a bit underwhelming and quite unnecessary.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The previous Google logo was great. It had that professional, sharp quality about it, a mix of an authoritative source and fun-minded presence. It presented a company that is dedicated to producing quality technology. This new one looks quite childish and more fit for a baby’s clothing line. Maybe I’ll get used to it after a while, but for now it’s just not sinking in. I like a logo I can feast on.  What once was a logo I could trust has now turned into something less confident. But maybe I’m just overreacting. It’s actually not that bad when I look at it a couple more times.

Meanwhile, Facebook’s new logo is nothing compared to its previous:

I was really disappointed after seeing this a few week ago. The old logo was unique. The rounded letters, dropkick “a”, iconic Klavika font, heavy, strong, solid, all added up to the personality of Facebook. This new one is just “blah”, like using the default font in Word.

Actually, the new one has some similarity with all the letters except the “a”, looking less college campus like, where FB was born. But it still is a boring logo script, very uninspiring and generic. Maybe if I never paid much attention to the logo, I wouldn’t care, but I do and my eyes aren’t loving it.

Microsoft’s is better than its previous, more bolder corporate looking mark. At least that funny slice in the middle is gone. It looked like a Pac-Man character eating the tail of the “S”.

Yahoo! did an okay job of making their logo look less like the goofy early 90s “Harry Potter” font.

But a survey of 422 did not agree. I do though. I think it is more professional looking and reminiscent of a website that offers news and relevant search options and looks less gaudy on the page than “Harry Potter” Yahoo. Something that can be taken seriously by competitors and investors. It’s much better than the other 29 options that they were choosing from.

And eBay. Oh, man. This is one I’m absolutely glad got changed a few years ago.

That previous one was so goofy looking and from eBay’s early days when they were just an auction site and not really that huge yet. But they did get big, real big, and so a more professional and cleaner look was needed. And I love it. I am more confident shopping for items on eBay under this aligned logo than before with the crazy overlapping letters, that just spoke of random junk people were trying to sell and still are. And does it remind you of another logo perhaps? If you thought “Google” you are correct! Same color scheme of blue, red, yellow, and green with a friendly sans-serif font. My theory? Google and eBay are secretly working together to bring down Amazon. Google changed their logo to look similar to eBay. Maybe there’s a merger in the works? I’m sure Google will be the one to eat up the other, if the FCC allows it.

That’s just my thoughts.