Hello 2017

It’s another year and another chance to go forth and so something amazing.

It was also another year of opening gifts on New Year’s Eve.

What I got for Christmas on the eve of 2017:

Xbox One

23” HDTV

Socks and briefs

The Simpsons season 7 DVD

Alexa Echo Dot ( fantastic voice recognition)

The Walking Dead video game season 1

A pillow

What are my resolutions for the year?

Well, I hate setting resolutions for the year because I’m putting pressure on myself to achieve something beyond my capabilities. I’d rather just enjoy myself and not worry about what lies ahead.

The Christmas Path

The path to the new year always goes through Christmas and the last seven days always seem to last forever as the anticipation for the Great Refresh builds.  The annual dinner this year was held once again, complete with classic songs from the bandstand.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Path 2016

Nativity Scene


A magical miracle they all gathered for.

One life to inspire.

One life to change the world.

A Christmas Story

For the second time in my life I took the long train ride to Janesville, Wisconsin to see my oldest sister. This time it was during the Christmas holidays, where a large fully decorated tree sat in the lobby of the old Michigan Central Railroad station. As was before, we stopped at the Union Station in Chicago and boarded a charter bus to Wisconsin, which was packed and full of frequent bathroom goers (the facility located at the back of the bus). Ended up in the same hotel as the last couple times as well, the Baymont Inn and Suites, in which the luxurious hot tub was broken this time, but still warm enough to put our feet in.

The continental breakfast is always a scrumptious affair at the Baymont. The question of the day written on the board in the front lobby elicits discussion. Getting to sleep in an actual bed is great as well.

It’s Not This Time of Year Without…



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Photo Challenge: It’s Not This Time of Year Without…

#NaNoPlobano2016 Day 27

The January X-Factor

 photo pointing_zpszfsqllkg.jpg

There’s no such thing as a late holiday.

And what an eventful couple of days it was. Emily and her boyfriend Connor came up from Kansas to have a late Christmas with us at my dad’s apartment, which doesn’t usually see so much action like it did. Another round of gifts was very pleasing and entertaining. This is the latest we have opened gifts and it felt vaguely different because of the rush factor not being there. I received a couple more shirts, including another Star Wars themed to go along with the two others in my collection, a much needed guitar songbook, and a retro series Sega Genesis loaded with over 80 games and able to accept original cartridges. Sure beats anything from the modern day game consoles.

Most of the time during those days the two Kansasites stayed, it was eating and eating. We first ate out at McDonald’s, then Virginia Coney Island (I ordered the Elvis burger), then Olive Garden (the flirty waitress and her cheese grater), got pizza and breadsticks from Klavon’s (long, long wait), and ate at the icecream parlour today.

Tasting wine at Olive Garden was something. Connor acted all connoisseur and sophisticated in the art of wine tasting, swirling it around and sniffing out the aromas.  The waitress was very friendly and sported a playful and cutesy attitude. When I asked for more cheese to be grated onto the big bowl of salad that was ordered, she put some on my empty plate, laughed, and said “there’s your more.” Along with an alcoholic beverage, I ordered the chicken scampi, which became leftovers that took me two days to finally finish because I kept forgetting about it in the car trunk.

Damn. I didn’t win the Powerball lottery. Got just one number from three tickets. Three people from California, Texas, and Florida won the money and split it. Why is it always the big, iconic states that win? That can’t just be a coincidence.

Now that the big billions are gone and the jackpot is back to its minimum amount, it will be easier to play it with the odds being better and not so many people buying a ticket. I will continue to play my same numbers. It may take me the rest of my life but someday I’ll get lucky – and probably end up with bad luck after winning. For the people that have just won the lottery, I hope they are smart enough to get a financial advisory or lawyer to help them with it. Having that much money and nowhere safe to put it (not even a regular bank) can be risky.

My new friend Connor was a ball of hyper energy as usual (referring to the last time he was with us) and upset my dad quite a bit with his lippy attitude and ego, and tendency to correct people. When Connor said that the radio playing the national championship game was too loud, dad stormed away from the table, where we were playing Cards Against Humanity, and shut off the radio that was playing in his room.

Today we all went to the Westwood Mall. Emily and Connor wanted to ride around on these motorized animal riders, Connor being way too big, so they both paid five dollars. I would have joined in but thought five dollars was too steep for this silly thing, so I went around recording the two with Emily’s phone. She then shared the video on Facebook.

Connor and I then stopped by Gamestop so he could buy something with the giftcard he got for Christmas from us. He ended up buying Minecraft for the PS4 and a guidebook. While sitting on the bench outside the store, we talked about games and different things that could be built in Minecraft, like redstone activated castle doors and the lot.

Then him and I went into Hot Topic (a punk/pop culture store) and browsed around. He was looking for a gift to get Emily, which ended up being a Zelda themed dress that I was hesitate about at first but then okay with after seeing my sister walk around in it, reminding me of something Luna Lovegood would wear. He also bought a Majora’s mask t-shirt to go along with his matching medallion. Hot Topic is one store that had since lost its “cool” edge ever since I graduated high school and grew up. Going back in there brought back memories of my first time shopping there and buying my first piece of “dark” clothing.

The whole group later shot a couple rounds of pool at the Avenue Billiards. Connor and my dad had one table while me, mom, and Emily played amateur at another. I ended up playing a round with dad (getting smoked) after Mr. Know-it-All gave up trying to beat the pool shark that my dad is.

Everything feels so much quieter when it’s just me, my uncle, and mom in the house again. My thoughts are much louder and it is easier to write when I don’t feel distracted. I love it when everyone is together and having fun talking and laughing but in the back of my mind I know I have responsibilities and can’t just let things go, which can be very easy to do when I am having such an exciting time, like I did these past couple of days.

Our boy Connor is definitely the X-Factor when it comes to these family get togethers. He is quite the polar opposite of my immediate family, who are usually laid back and calm while he always has to have drama and be causing a scene. I like to say he complements me though and I hope that we both can get to be real good friends for years to come.

Daily Prompt: Ripped Into the Headlines

Spilling the Gravy

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Time to settle down and celebrate the happy memories. Listen to old time holiday classics, watch special Christmas episodes of old shows on free television. The kids will be getting into bed early, right about now, eager to wake up for presents under the tree in the morning. I remember those days. I always knew that mom had hid the presents in her room but I liked to go along with the thought that a man somehow got into our house (no chimney, or chimbley as I said at three years old) and put a bunch of gifts under the tree, somehow knowing all of our names. The gifts under the tree this year have already been unwrapped because of two out-of-staters coming in to celebrate the holidays with us before they leave again. Another “Christmas” will be held on January 13th with more gifts.

Tonight, I went to a midnight nativity mass. First time going to church in years and I felt a spiritual uplifting, a re-connection with my faith. The last time I went to the church where this special mass was held, the priest fainted and had to be taken away in an ambulance. A replacement, intern priest if you will, took over for the rest of mass.

My holiday took a funny twist this past evening.

It all started with the making of fresh home made egg nog (from an Alton Brown recipe online). I could have made it myself without the recipe’s help but then I’d risk messing up or forgetting something.

It’s a really simple recipe: 4 egg whites and egg yolks separated, heavy cream, nutmeg, milk, and sugar. Mix that all into a bowl and there you go. A shot of brandy or bourbon gives it an extra kick.

When I went to put the milk carton of egg nog in the tiny fridge to chill, I accidentally knocked over the can of gravy from Thanksgiving sitting in there. It spilt all over the right leg of my pants and my reaction was obviously one of disgust. When the rest of the family saw it, they cracked up. I was walking stiff legged though the kitchen to my room and had to change my pants. The whole floor was a slippery mess of gravy and knocked over cat food.

Three years later…

Just got home from that new job I’ve acquired as a computer specialist or something technology related. My new apartment looks and smells wonderful. I go over to my comfortable looking couch (the only piece of furniture) in front of the large screen television and pick up my brand new Apple Macbook, because it was now or never to make the switch. Time to write another blog post for Macbofisbil on a Macbook, how fitting.

What am I writing about? That largely depends on what has transpired during those three years from now. 2018 will be the third year of whatever president is currently in office. If it’s Donald Trump, there might be a post about how healthcare for the poor has been stripped away and how everything favors the rich now. If it’s Hillary Clinton, then advancements in getting every child an education and helping students get into college will be discussed.

This blog will still likely be rooted to the Daily Prompts because they are an excellent base for ideas and connecting with bloggers I’m following and haven’t checked out yet. I’ll be more experienced in writing poetry, an absolute favorite writing style of mine, and I hope to continue making it a consistent component of my blog.

Into the future 

The lights and sounds may have changed

But I am still me

The song “Black Water” by Doobie Brothers (obviously referencing marijuana) came to my head last night as I was scrolling through past posts of mine and catching up on a load of comments left by a blogger who seems to be a big fan of mine. While responding, I was thinking about the future of this blog and what I want to do to keep it fresh and active. I decided to post the song here because it is so fitting for a song about moving on with life and keeping hope alive.

Daily Prompt: Ebb and Flow 

Our blogs morph over time, as interests shift and life happens. Write a post for your blog — but three years in the future.