Weekly Photo: A Muse of Mine

Spring Arbor University Clock TowerThe old clock tower on the campus of Spring Arbor University is what keeps me coming back to that place, even after I have moved away. It has always placed a sort of mystique on this part of the college for me and sticks out for me whenever I walk around the grounds, always being the focal point of many photographs I have snapped there. Hearing the bells ring 12 times at 12:00, that haunting sound echoing throughout the area, was always a memory from my six years living here, and a comforting feeling.

Weekly Photo Challenge: “Muse.”

I couldn’t help but notice that the bar at the top of the editing window for posts today has a rainbow strip going across it. This is obviously because the Supreme Court has just legalized same sex marriage nationwide. What a miraculous day in the long and hard fought battle for equal marriage rights. It’s great that WordPress is honoring it in a nice subtle way.

Today’s also the second anniversary of this blog I am writing for, being registered on June 26, 2013, the first post being published on June 27, 2013. I try to keep focusing on making this blog better and to keep everyone happy, but there have been times where I’ve slipped up and actually have lost viewers and followers. All in all though, I feel pretty confident with myself moving forward.