Time Slips Through Our Fingers

The time passes by so quickly that we lose our senses and grip. There is no escape from its clutches.

Pass by the clocktower and look up to see those familiar hands crossing at the 12. Without clocks, time is merely a setting and rising of the sun. The sun doesn’t actually move though, it’s the earth that rotates around it. Calendars are a human invention, the twelve month system a convenient way of chronicling our experiences into discrete sections of time. When looking at the universe as a whole, we humans seem very tiny indeed, very small on a larger scale.

This picture I got of a clocktower is very blurry, of a low quality because the camera I use is useless when capturing objects at night, from far away. I like that the actual clock is being overexposed and is all white. I’m taking that to mean, in spiritual terms, that time has no defined parameters, cannot be simply known as one thing because it may be different elsewhere, like in space, where it might go faster or slower. I think the bright white circle represents the opportunities that always lie in the future. There are always bright spots to look on. Time is a gateway to so many events that have yet to happen.

Weekly Photo Challege: Time

WPC: Clocks In Motion

Time is always in motion, never stops and never starts. It is what imprisons us to a life of order and sensibility. Without time, our lives have no meaning – we’re just here today, gone tomorrow. We invented time, the way of keeping track of and recalling events, the way of chronicling our days, but in the end it’s just numbers on a clock. The sun sets and rises, and the earth rotates approximately 365 times in what we call a year all because of some perfect way of nature, some event in space that set things in motion – we just found a way to make sense of it all and use it to our advantage. Forget time travel, we can only move forward in time and record the things we see and do in pictures and videos – that’s our time travel for now.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

Tots, Clocks, Bikes, and Air

A few more of my favorite things…

0717141745-00Golden Tater Tots: A family classic. A favorite food of a classic cult character.

0716141900-00 (2)
Clocks: Time comes in many forms; also a visual representation of Coldplay’s hit.

0712141910-00 (2)Badass Bikes: Belonging to some big badass bikermen and bikerchicks at a motorcycle rally. Not even close to the size of the Sturgis gathering held every year. Bikers come from miles away to participate in that one. At this particular one, I got near the stage where a cover band was playing and it was LOUD! I thought the whole place was going to blow up or something.

0710141606-00 (2)
Max-Air: A high flying exhilaration ride that turns your world upside down. Just don’t get hit in the head by falling shoes. Reminds me of a pendulum clock, only this one belongs to Death himself. BTW, check out this eight year old on the Gatekeeper, a ride I had high hopes for when I first rode it this year but was kind of let down.

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Besides that, I am also getting a business together that focuses on creating videos for special events, as well as offering photo collages, photo books, and possibly in the future a whole line of party supplies. All of this is an if because I don’t know if the business will even get off the ground let alone having one customer approach me. Doesn’t hurt to try.