The Outer Limits


What story do the things you wear tell about you?

I wear a t-shirt, pants, black socks, and shoes most of the time though my wardrobe is quite extensive. My new Ronaldo hoodie is something I like to wear when it’s really cold out or when I just want to feel comfortable. This tells that I am a casual person. I don’t really care about getting too fancy or trying to impress anyone. Sure, I like to look nice when I go out in public and not look like a slob, but I’m not trying to change the universe or anything.

My outer limits stretch far and wide

My imagination unlimited by what I find

I won’t stop until I’ve had enough

So open up those doors and get ready for some fun

Discover Challenge: Outer Layers

A Regular Clothes Horse

My blue sweater tacked to the wall

My clothes baskets are always full. It’s never the same shirt two days in a row and the dresser and closet tend to go empty before it’s time to get that clothes basket in the washer.

I don’t really have a fashion. I’m just a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy. It’s casual Friday for me all the time, business attire only coming once in a blue moon. My haircut isn’t anything special either, a regular mop of chaos that is always getting messed up as I play with it. I’m basically like I was many years ago though I don’t wear sweaters as much anymore. You can call me a regular clothes horse because I love buying new shirts all the time, with old worn old tees getting thrown out. Novelty shirts are my specialty, shirts with iconic characters or symbols on them. Not too big on sports events shirts because if the team on the shirt loses, the shirt is basically worthless.

I have a fedora and English style driving cap. A hat is a favorite accessory of mine, one I like to wear out in public, looking to impress, maybe the one girl that passes by. I’m very particular about which hats I choose. The hat chooses the head, as Olivander would say, and in the case of my head, a flexible cap is essential.

My favorite kind of torso wear is a button up shirt with one or two pockets in the front. It’s a handsome, professional look and when paired with a rugged pair of jeans, has a way of making me feel smarter than I already am.

The last time I wore a tank top was when I was 12 years old. It barely fit me, being snug around the arm holes. I will always remember the time in third grade when I wore a yellow tank top to school in the dead of winter, because mom had laid it out for me. The teacher had to call her up and ask her to bring in a more appropriate shirt for the day.

Of course I will also always remember the time I was in gym (PE) class and didn’t realize my work out shirt had a gaping hole in the side underneath the sleeve until the teacher told me. I felt embarrassed of course but realized it wasn’t the big of a deal when no one else seemed to notice.

One of the more popular kinds of shoes, the flat bottom Chuck Taylor or Converse, was a style of mine for a brief time in 2008, the year I like to say I transitioned into “the cooler version” of myself, finally listening to music through an iPod and getting in touch with pop culture. Okay, so they were actually Airwalks, a knock-off brand of Converse, but all the same. They felt excellent on my feet, making me feel lighter and able to do some sweet dance moves including the moonwalk. A peer said I looked “fresh”.

A regular pair of denim blue jeans will fit me any day, though I don’t like pants that are too tight (with the exception again in 2008 – my experiment with skinny jeans and being hipster).

I wouldn’t be caught dead with a mohawk or anything close to that craziness. The craziest I’ve gotten with my hair was choosing to get a flattop at eleven years old, because I was tired of the boring buzz cut I had gotten the previous ten years, always picked out by dad. He didn’t mind that I take my head of hair into my own consideration and was very willing to make sure the new kind of haircut I get was okay for me. I probably looked at multiple styles in a book before choosing that flattop, which had a sticky paste feel to it and kind of resembled Frankenstein.

As for the current fashion trends and upcoming ones in 2016, well, I have to say I don’t keep up with it or even want to try. Back in middle school, the style seemed to be Aeropostale and Hollister and I followed suit but then that suddenly fell out of style with me jumping off the wagon as well. I guess it’s just a guess for me at what is considered hip and I’m never going to put too much thought into how a top goes with the bottoms.

Don’t even get me started on the man bun. I don’t know if I could walk around with one of those. I would feel so out of my element.

Daily Prompt: New Sensation

Ah, sweet youth. No matter whether you grew up sporting a fedora, penny loafers, poodle skirts, bell-bottoms, leg-warmers, skinny jeans, Madonna-inspired net shirts and rosaries, goth garb, a spikey mohawk, or even a wave that would put the Bieber to shame, you made a fashion statement, unique to you. Describe your favorite fashions from days of yore or current trends you think are stylin’.

Chronicles of A Midwestern


Pictured above is a low res shot of my closest family taken at a college hockey game in Wisconsin this year, owing to the fact that I used a webcam to take a picture of the original physical photograph, not having a scanner. As you can see, we are ordinary in a good way and sport very pale complexions, being of distant European descent with low pigment levels. Midwestern we all are, bred into a society of simple-minded people that value hard work and labor, manufacturing and agriculture. I’m wearing a very bad combination of blue plaid button down shirt and white plaid golf shorts, though I didn’t know it until seeing this picture for the first time. My oldest sister is beside me, mom is hiding in the back, there’s dad in fourth, and youngest sister on the far right.

I sometimes consider myself a nerd because of my fascination with seeking knowledge and knowing all the technical details of how things work and because I’ve never been very good at sports or other physical activity, though I have known myself to be an exceptional runner.

My lifestyle is pretty ordinary. I wear a t-shirt and jeans or shorts, enjoy snacking rather than eating big meals, speak only one language, and try to enjoy life by doing what hobbies I like the best, such as writing and picture-taking.

The only times I’ve ever dressed up are when I was going to interviews, a fancy restaurant, or to a special occasion such as a funeral or my high school dances. Most days, I just pick out a random shirt from my laundry basket or there is a voice telling me “ah, I believe it is a nice day to wear blue, don’t you think?” I only have one pair of blue jeans and replace them maybe once a year when I get the chance. My wardrobe is a mix of secondhand and store bought items.

I communicate through a time traveling mailbox. No, just kidding.

Communication has always been an anomaly for me. I’m not always comfortable talking in big groups but sometimes the moment presents itself and I am free as a kite, just saying whatever I have to say with no fear or hesitation, though I feel embarrassed afterward. It’s amazing that I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome and could barely hold a conversation all the way through school and now I’ve come a long ways in terms of development, my quite similar uncle being the sole reason. We have great conversations all the time and I can relate to him in a way because we’ve both had difficulties getting where we want to go in life, someone or something always blocking our path, like a disability or the prejudice of society itself.

I like talking and sharing interesting stuff on social media such as Facebook and Twitter because it is a good form of self expression and I’m more comfortable talking anonymously than in person. Blogging is where I’m most effective at communicating though. I have a lot more room and freedom to have a voice and (hopefully) be heard. It’s more guaranteed that my pictures will be shared with the right people. I can get more praise and develop relationships better than on any other social media platform because I’m able to follow people with similar interests to me.

My hairstyle seems to go one way: circular and flat on top with a swoop to the left, and bangs that jut out just above my forehead. I’m constantly patting down my big head of hair which grows faster than a New York City skyline and is very hard to keep neat and combed. There have been many attempts at developing a new hairstyle: I tried a flattop, spiking it, slicking it back, going from a buzz cut to getting it a styled cut with scissors, to even dying my hair black, with it always going back to the same result. I usually know when it’s time to get a haircut when my bangs start getting into my eyes and becoming a hazard to myself and others (if I bump into them).

The eating portion of my life has never been that extravagant. Most nights in my household it is hotdogs, hamburgers, or some other quick fix meal. Ever since I was yeah small, my mom’s been throwing those Salisbury box dinners onto the table, along with lumpy mashed potatoes. I’ve become tired of that and have tried to develop a more creative approach to mealtime by cooking and eating things I’ve never tried, such as a soufflé. When I get the chance to cook, I have a passion and desire to make a meal that is not only delicious, filing, and presentable, but also healthy. But with limited space, money, and overall knowledge, I’m usually stuck with eating ordinary inexpensive things, which I don’t mind at all. Wendy’s is my favorite fast food place, followed by Burger King, Arby’s, and then McDonald’s. I’ll do just fine with an order of boxed pizza as well.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Style Icon.”

My Snob Radar

I have a snob radar for all things in life. Whenever something comes into my radar’s scope, a tiny blip appears, and I hear a distinct ping! in my head, telling me something’s asking for my likeness assessment. As soon as I look at that blip, I can tell if it is a friendly (green) or foe (red); a cheerful chime goes off for the things I like and a warbling siren announces a distasteful entity that must be shot down immediately before it woos me into a liking trap.

Beer is basically all the same for me whether it’s IceHouse, the cheapest I have tried, or Bud Light, The Little King of Beers? I even tried a Samuel Adams Octoberfest once and nothing too new occurred for me. Fosters? Same old cheap beer. PBR? Like landing in a mud pit and getting a mouthful. The same with an obscure one called Third Coast Beer that I received as a birthday gift, and is still sitting in the fridge unfinished. Blue Moon and Heineken were the exceptions though, truly elevating my taste in brewed beverages; their initial good tasting flavor did not let up. Basically all beer is bitter and tastes nasty after it’s been sitting out for a while, the foam washing off the top. If to say I had to cheat a little to get something I like, Shock Top is probably my favorite flavored beer followed by Mike’s. I don’t drink beer much at all so it better be something amazing for me to drink and enjoy it til the last drop. That’s rare.

Coffee has never been strong on the radar, not without adding amounts of sugar and cream to it though taking it black has been tasting better. The flavored cappuccinos, such as Irish Creme and French Vanilla, are pleasant sounds to me.

I don’t drive so being picky about automobiles is silly but if the car is messy and looks like a piece of junk my overall liking for the vehicle lessens.

You can call me a clothes horse; there are two closets and a dresser in my house full of all kinds of shirts. On certain days I don’t feel like wearing a particular tee in my closet; something has to click for me to pick out one and go with it. When shopping there is a bit of trial and error that goes along with certain designs, colors, and of course pricing. Anything that is simple and aesthetically pleasing or iconic will be on my body. I don’t like shirts that have a jumble of words on them or will be irrelevant after a while (shirts with a team’s season schedule on the back) or feature a gaudy image of an athlete on the front that shouts out to people, “Hey, everyone! I’m obvious!”

Processed turkey dinners? Learning to avoid them every time my mom throws them on the table, such as tonight…again. The same goes with hamburger helper, especially when it is dry as dust.

Movies have to go a certain way; a thrilling horror or “challenge” movie such as Saw or the Cube series where the people are put into a situation and have to fight to get out is what I seek. I like a good drama now and then, just nothing too chummy or sappy romantic. Not too big on the superhero flicks; never have seen the Batman or Iron Man movies and only saw one Superman film. I guess I prefer something I can apply my intellect to and find a deeper meaning than some flick that is cheap fun. Movies that generate a lot of hype and are the “go-to” as said by prominent, egocentric figures on television also turn me off.

Music comes in all shapes and sizes for me. I would not say I prefer one genre way more than another, it’s just the individual songs that have to be satisfying for me to want to play them over and over again. Daughtry was my first real favorite band, but after a while this has waned and other bands such as Imagine Dragons and The Killers have taken my top liking. My snob radar greatly pushes away attention-hungry or obnoxious singers such as Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Nicki Minaj and goes for more emotionally satisfying acts such as a couple of country/pop stars by the names of Katy Perry and Carrie Underwood.

There is so much more that my snob radar picks up, but that would surely make this post go over what I call the magic number of 1000. These daily prompts are killing me. It was fun the first few days I did it but now my I’m losing my creative edge. Why does WordPress have to resort to these mundane, boring prompts? I came very late to the post party today.

Even the most laid back and egalitarian among us can be insufferable snobs when it comes to coffee, music, cars, beer, or any other pet obsession where things have to be just so. What are you snobbish about?