Coin Chaos


Here is a huge pile of change that I have been collecting for the last three years, dumped all over a mattress for this top down shot. That is over $50 in change right there (outside of the picture’s frame as well). I have a feeling that as soon as I get to about $100 in change, I’ll cash all of the dead president coins in and feel accomplished that I was able to generate that much money from pinching pennies from the carpet and emptying whatever loose change from a dollar was in my pocket.


#NaNoPoblano Day 7

Z is for Zinc

And at last, we reach the letter Z in this long and hard fought A to Z challenge.

Pennies are now made of 97.5% zinc and about 2.5% copper, a reversal of their composition before 1982, when they were made of 95.5% copper and 5% zinc. Obviously because it was more expensive to produce pennies with copper, harder to obtain. But there are groups of people out there who scour through massive tubs of pennies looking for the discontinued coppers, hoping to strike it rich, since copper is worth more than zinc.

Pennies from heaven
The copper plating washed away
Clink, clank, hit the ground
Cheap zinc with dull shine
Lincoln rears his chiseled face

Zinc coated grill grate that has corroded

Other things made with zinc:

Safety pins, disposable batteries, car batteries, screws, nails, jewelry, faucets, metal trimming on cars, and boat propellers.

A pound of zinc is worth about a dollar in 2015.

And that’s the end of this month long marathon of alphabet soup. I had a lot of fun with this and might do it again next year, but just a lot better!

April A to Z Challenge