Color Your World – Midnight Blue 2

Pillow Texture by Matthew Hammell on

Here is my entry for Jennifer’s Color Your World challenge for:

Color Your World – Midnight Blue

Color My World: Pink Sherbet


It’s not everyday that you find a pink soccer ball in your yard, forgotten by the neighbor kids, but I did the other day. I believe it was probably the victim of a good spray painting. If you look at the black hexagons on the left side, it resembles a dog face, but if you view the ones on top, the ball resembles a cheetah face.

Jennifer’s Color Your World challenge: Pink Sherbet 

Color Your World: Fern

Fuzzy LeavesCuriously alone
These fuzzy green leaves
Akin to a fern

Resting under the tree
A familiar spring sighting
Lush green like envy

Color Your World: Fern