Color Your World – Burnt Orange

Day 96 - Hot

Burnt orange

Literally hot

Literally burnt

The fuel that burns for food

Fiery flames licking underneath

Color Your World- Burnt Orange – a Jennifer Nicole Wells challenge

In Living Color

I now present to you
My world in brilliant color
Seen through kaleidoscope lenses
Taking in all shapes and sizes, rivers, mountains, and slopes
Like an aperture, letting in light shielded in darkness
This beautiful land, though poured with concrete
Green earth and human conscience
The sense of it all, contained within
My mind and body
Together an adventure across fantasy lands
A Minecraft experience
Survival of the best
Thought provoking experiment
Learn and relearn
Build and rebuild
Lifetime worth of images circulating
Recalling and restoring
Since it is the world through my eyes
And everyday’s a story

P.S. – I have become addicted to the game “Minecraft”, an open world game that lets you build things and try to survive!

Photo 101: Day 11 – Splash of Gold




Like a lot of times on my photographic journey, I set this shot up by placing an object in the scene to create something different when nothing in nature would suffice. Against the white snow backdrop, the gold bag shines greatly and adds a pop of color to an otherwise mundane, boring photograph. As you can see, I experimented with taking my photograph from different distances, resulting in a what looks like an inverted pyramid.


DP (This fits in with the prompt’s title: Golden Key)

One Word Photo: Sapphire Skies



PTDC0053 (2)

Day 52

Sapphire sky scrubbed with clouds – destination heaven


Opening a book to a random page

Scarlet caught my eye

In the most transcending way

Begonias and fever

Opposites of the spectrum

A black horse named Scarlet

From the prairies of western

A song made grateful by the Dead

Slightly orange with a tone of red

The sky was yellow

and the sun was blue

She wore scarlet begonias and I just knew

With those scarlet high heels and silk blonde curls

Fueling my fantasies above all girls

All scarlet begonias or a touch of the blues

Scarlet, the one I choose

My pulsing blood

The rich dark rose

Chasing my dreams

Like I’m in a Penrose

The Scarlet Letter made me cry

Hester Prynne laid down to die

Testing sin and guilt

His magnam opus

Repentance and dignity

It was hopeless

Lady Johansson, the one with two t’s

A North of excellence, brings many to their knees

She was the embodiment in Her, the soul of our wit

Made people cry

We all remember it

Now her nudies

Circle the web

Causing all sorts of hysteria

Fantasies in our head

Scarlet Knights

Blood and lips


Rugby and slips

The Scarlet cloth

So aptly named

Captain Scarlet

The marionette brain

Scarlet metalcore

Miss Scarlet in Clue

Erza Scarlet

Fairy Tail cool

Scarlet red

Street, runner, and cred

If I knew a Scarlet

She’d be my first wed 


Inspired by the Writing 101 prompt: To Whom it May Concern