WPC: Vivid

“Kissing Lips” Fireworks
Day 323 - In Motion
Vivid Motion of a Pinwheel
Day 273 - Autumn Leaves
The vividness of dying leaves

Bright lights, fine night, exploding stars, color’s right

Moving fast, life’s a blur, shooting off, snowy white fur

Autumn’s brilliant colorful dreams enticing flowery grandmothers. How I jump kaleidoscope lines moving north of port. Quintessential reds steer the universe’s vivid wonders, x-raying youth zealous.

 Weekly Photo Challenge: “Vivid.”

WPC: Fireworks

Normally, fireworks aren’t much to get excited about, but when I finally got the chance to get some decent photographs of some this Memorial Day weekend, a new perspective of these pyrotechnic marvels opened up to me. It must be true, as with snowflakes, that no set-off firework ever is the same.

Bursting red, like a brilliant star exploding after millions of years, emitting a hot shower of sparks, raining down with a sizzle and fizzing out into the nether. This firework looks so much like one of those flowers with sprouting antennae like feelers, which are probably used to absorb sunlight.

“And the rockets red glare”


A more finely tuned set of fireworks, with the quill like structures of porcupines. The thing about catching fireworks on camera, especially with a point and click, is that you have to sometimes press the shutter button before the firework bursts open in the sky, and what you end up with is totally random.

“The bombs bursting in air”


And this was part of the “grand finale” that tuned out this year to be a complete letdown. Unlike in previous years, there were only a couple of fireworks set off, not the big pyrotechnic show of dazzling lights and cannon booming shaking the night, leaving a cloud of smoke afterward. I guess they were cutting back on the budget, trying to save money for more important things like fixing the roads. There will be two more firework shows this year in my city, so watch out for more pictures of these holiday traditions in the future.

For all the vets who have died in the past and recently, this Memorial Day post goes out to you.

“For the land of the free…and the home of the brave!” 

Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

I decided to include this as a second entry for this week’s WPC, since fireworks are a thing that starts off as one large cluster and then explode/break into many smaller parts.

WPC: Fountains of Hope


Walking up the winding stone staircase besides the rapid, color-changing, hypno-inducing waterfalls of the Cascades, I point and clicked pictures of this castle-like structure, its sheer beauty eminent, memorializing the reds, greens, blues, and occasional darkness between the color transitioning streams. When I reached the balcony at hill’s crest, I paused and looked down upon the gleaming, sparkling tri-levels of water in the night and saw most of the metropolis countryside spill out before me; the ponds, lakes, hills, and trees merely spooky silhouettes of their selves. Then, sizing up my distance, angles, and lighting, I snapped a couple shots of the water jets spewing colorful streams high into the cool air. The one pictured above, captured in its blue phase, luminescing magnificently against the pitch black canvas, an aura of shimmering electric light emitting from its misty origins, with an ethereal beauty of celestial skies; its twin brother mimics in the background, creating a positively enthralling light show; alternating between various bright, uplifting hues and the dark swallowing jaws of dusk.

The water’s equal – a gentle sound, so smooth, relaxing, rushing out of the jets and cascading back into the still pool, calming and inducing a feeling of hope inside me. The serenity of peace and tranquility beside the stone wall. A star-spangled banner resting windless high above yonder. Forgetting about my worries, self-doubts for just a moment, instead reflecting on the time I have right now to enjoy life as it is. The faint sound of a 70s classic humming at ground level reaches my ears. I am here. I am now.

Photo Challenge for Week of September 26: Nighttime.