W is for Waiting

Things I’m waiting for, not brought to you by the letter W:

Windows 10

Bring on a new era of technology!

This is supposed to be Microsoft’s redemption answer for the unsatisfactory Windows 8, 8.1. I’ve gotten used to my W8.1 computer though (damage aside) and really do dig the “Metro” design though the navigation is a bit clunky – and I rarely leave the desktop. Windows 10 is going to do away with the charms bar (something I actually loved) and put the apps from it in a dedicated folder somewhere. The traditional start menu is coming back and will integrate the live tiles into it, getting rid of the Metro screen. Essential “apps” like Control Panel and the Shutdown controls will more easily accessible. And some of you may have already heard a long time ago but wait for it…

Internet Explorer is officially over!

Well not technically, since the latest version, IE 11, will still be available on W10, but…

Windows 10 is going to introduce an entirely new browser, marking the end of the line for our dear old veteran of the web. It may be one similar to Chrome or Firefox that is beautiful in design and has easily accessed features and better security. Not sure what the name will be but I bet it will be something more modern and unique than simply something that mundanely describes exploring the Internet. Note: the codename as of now for the new browser is Project Spartan, and I believe that ties in with the “Halo” theme Microsoft seems to be hinting at: Cortana on Windows Phone is the computer within Master Chief who is the Spartan’s captain. Don’t ask me how I know that, I just read it from the comments on a “Project Spartan” article – I’ve never played Halo ever, which is sad for someone my age.

“Smart” Metro

There was a technical preview released for Windows 10 back in October that I could have tried but was ill advised to since I only have one computer and didn’t want to ruin it by having the preview crash, losing everything in the process, even if I did backup everything on a separate device.

Windows 10 is rumored to be due for full release in Fall 2015. I don’t have anywhere near the budget at buying it early.

This challenge to be over:

It’s been quite a rough experiment for me but I’ll be glad when this challenge (and month) is finally over so I can get back to normal blogging again. The complete lack of comments is what has bothered me but I’ll just chalk it up and move on as always.’

My latest video to be finished:

It’s in the rendering process as I write this, going glacially slow. A gameplay of Minecraft for your information. I’ve become pretty skilled at the game though I still haven’t come close to finding the ultimate material that basically makes you a respected player: diamond.

My future love:

She’s out there somewhere, maybe closer than I think. These lonely nights are great for critical thinking and writing but it does get boring sometimes. Best not to rush things though…I feel like Ted from “How I Met Your Mother” just waiting for his perfect match. 

April A to Z Challenge

R is for Really Bad/Really Good

There are two sides to life, the bad and the good, and I feel like I get a dose of both everyday and April has been no exception. The bad can be either totally unforgiving or help to give you an insight into what you should change or improve on, while the good can sometimes be a layer of false hope, like the frosting on a cake, and once it ends you are sent crashing down and there doesn’t seem to be a safety net to catch you.

First the really bad for me:


I feel like it’s been a fairly lousy  month of blogging for me since April is the worst month since September last year in terms of overall stats (visitors, views, likes, comments), and I only started blogging on the 16th of that month. I can, however, contribute the major drop in stats due to this A to Z challenge I have been participating in, since many of my followers are not taking part in this and I may have alienated them. I can say for certain that I have struggled with this challenge right from the get-go and I feel like I’ve wasted almost a whole month doing this since I never officially signed up for it in the first place and just started it on a whim. Not having an overall theme to go by also made things difficult and it’s basically been a mess, a runaway train that I have not been able to steer back onto the tracks. Hopefully May will be a whole lot better, since I’ll be back on my regular posting ways again (the Daily Prompt, yeah!). I guess I’ll just use April as yet another learning experience in my burgeoning blogging life – to never start anything without having prepared for it in advance.



My family took a short trip to the Motor City today to pick up tickets for a Tigers vs. Cubs game in June. Now, this little section of Detroit that includes Comerica Park and Ford Field is the lone bright spot of the city while the rest of it is basically a pitiful dump, an apocalyptic war zone. And it did not look so bad the last time we were there for a game in 2008. The city has gone to the dogs and it doesn’t look like they want it anymore either. The roads have all been torn up for construction and it only adds insult to injury when you don’t see a glimpse of greenery anywhere; it is literally a concrete jungle, or a concrete jungle that looks like a bomb has been dropped on it. Seriously, the place is utterly depressing and I can see why Detroit gets such a bad rep these days and why no one wants to live there (who would with the city being notorious for crime?). The mayor of Detroit should be ashamed for having the city get to the desolate state it’s in. This is an embarrassment not only for the people living there but also for the state of Michigan as well. For the first time today, I got to see more of the inner parts of the city as we drove through it to find a highway, and it just added to my assumption that this has to be the worst place to live in the United States. Graffiti, while highly artistic and imaginative, was all over the walls from one block of streets to the next and when we took a turn under a bridge on the left, it continued on alongside the most neglected parts of town. Even the entrance ramp to the expressway that led us out of this hell had big crater sized potholes, our car doing a couple skips and hops, hitting a bunch of bumps and divots before finally finding smooth ground. Detroit needs a major check up, stat!

My computer

First it was a couple of missing screws, then it was more and more frequent BSOD (blue screens of death) error messages popping up suddenly and mysteriously, restarting the computer right in the middle of something I was doing to my annoyance and frustration. Now the keyboard has gone dead in certain places like a paralyzed patient, forcing me to use my external roll up keyboard that is not very practical to say the least. I still have about one year left on my warranty and it is pretty much time to get my sick laptop to the doctor and get it the first class treatment it’s crying for now.

Now for the really good:

Casa Rodriguez Mexican restaurant


Other than Los Tres Amigos, this has got to be the best Mexican restaurant I’ve been to in Michigan. The steak fajita tacos I received which included dollops of guacamole, sourcream, and tomatoes were a meal that even looked good enough for a picture. The homemade chips and salsa served before also made me appreciate this little local eatery in Jackson. Sure, the waitress was a bit snobbish (we didn’t leave her a tip) but I can’t really complain that much when the food was grade A. I wasn’t really that fond of the wet burrito meal my dad got since it looked like a sick soupy mixture of grease and salsa, but oh well. A little humor was on the side as we saw a man at another table who looked like the frontman from ZZ Top, with a long beard and black shades on – I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a motorcycle parked outside.

That’s my April so far, how’s your’s been?

April A to Z Challenge

Thanking A Triumph of Nerds

Is there a person you should’ve thanked, but never had the chance? Is there someone who helped you along the way without even realizing it? Here’s your chance to express your belated gratitude.

There are two men that I always wanted to thank,

but never got the chance because I always drew a blank.

They revolutionized the world, and got us on the fast track –

the technology afterward was propelled like a jet pack.

One wore a suit, the other wore jeans,

combined, their power and brilliance could light up a Christmas scene –

no, wait, they could light up the country,

where it could be seen from space,

there was no stopping these two,

they were on the road to god status at such a fine pace.

Some say they had a rivalry,

competed against one another,

But it was all for the best,

just trying to one up the other.

Sure, ideas were stolen and morphed into money,

But at the end of the day,

The two geniuses laughed like it was funny.

From my first PC in ’99

to still using one today,

I guess the man in the suit is where my gratitude should relay.

But it’s their wisdom combined that helped shape the future,

Their leadership together that all but made obsolete teacher.

Their names were Gates and Jobs,

And I thank them heartily,

Because without one or both,

I probably wouldn’t be sharing this smartly.

DP #65: “Never Too Late.”

I Only Came For the Cheesecake…

The Internet is an unruly, untamed beast – everyone should know that by now; no one has control over the Internet and it should stay that way. No other idea conceived by human minds has managed to encompass our everyday lives anywhere we go and bring millions of people together to post and share content for the entire world to see in just a matter of minutes. The amount of information on the Surf is enough to fill more than ten swimming pools and it just keeps growing exponentially…there really is no end in sight.

As King Leonidas famously said, “This is madness!”

Have you ever searched for something specific on Google or Bing, clicked on a link, and suddenly got bombarded by a flurry of information that just kept begging you to click here and there and read more and more? Ever get those pages where you scroll down and articles just keep appearing non-stop with interesting, catchy titles, one after another? I’ve come across a couple of those pages where I often open multiple links in new tabs, getting up to as many as five at a time to read later. The content I find is often so engaging and delightful that I would want to look up more information about things discussed in the article. A simple search for information on the new iPhone 6 led me to a number of articles relating to the world of technology that would lead me to informative YouTube videos and then suddenly find myself watching bizarre videos of animals doing human tricks or Barack Obama singing popular songs made from words put together from his speeches. And then I’m like, “What was I here for again?” A single search on one of the popular search engines turns into an Internet journey of epic proportions or an Internet breadcrumb trail.

An example of an Internet trail goes like this:

I went to look up information on the baseball movie 42 that I had just recently watched, and maybe find the movie poster. This led me to clicking on a link to Harrison Ford, which led to Indiana Jones, which led to George Lucas, which led to Star Wars, which led to a list of the highest grossing films of all time, which led to Harry Potter, which led to the book David Copperfield, which led to the illusionist and to Musha Cay, then to Google co-founder Sergy Brin, Don’t Be Evil, Googlization, the book on Amazon, and so and so forth…

Searching for anything on the Internet is like taking a can off the delicately stacked pyramid in the store and having them fall all over the place. You just wanted one can; now there’s a bigger mess on your hands. That’s what happens when you search for something online – you often get sidetracked and before you know it, you have forgotten all about your initial search idea. There’s always something new and worth looking at around the corner and some of the most visited sites on the “super highway” such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are portals for interesting content that can entertain, educate, or just simply annoy us. That’s how I have come to view the Internet as it has progressed into the far reaching, lightning fast, and ever so dependent entity relied on by human beings. Ten years or so ago the Internet didn’t really matter to me much but now I feel I can’t go without it for even a few days without getting frustrated and impatient.

Back to what I said about the Internet being an untamed beast – well clearly Google has gotten a couple of chains around it with their ongoing mission to organize the world’s content and make it accessible to everyone.Their search engine bots roam the streets and alleys of the net everyday looking…looking…looking. Nothing runs wild out in the yonder anymore – if it is open to the public it can and will be found somehow, someway.

To continue the title of my post – I only came for the cheesecake…but ended up getting so much more. I soon got the entire restaurant and soon after that the entire block of stores and shops. Then I thought to myself, “Why not the entire city? Or state? Or country? World? Universe?.” What I am getting at here is that you go to search the Internet for one thing (the cheesecake) but soon are not satisfied and want to find more information about other stuff and it escalates from there until you are confronted with tons of information – OVERLOAD ALERT!

The search for knowledge is endless, especially on the Internet where it literally is one mouse click away. You’ll be sucked into a black hole in now time at all if you’re not careful as Jennifer Lawrence once quoted: “The internet to me is kind of like a black hole, and I never really go on it.”

In Response to the Daily Prompt: Overload Alert