We all have a doppelganger, someone who uncannily resembles us in appearance and behavior, somewhere in the world. You won’t quite know it when you see yours because you don’t quite know what you look like all the time, except when you look in a mirror

There is a theory that we are originate from one place, a gigantic tree with many branches, so your doppelganger obviously shares some of your genes. They may have once been a part of your ancestral line before a split ensued. We are all connected in a distant way, through years and years of mixing and breeding, ensuring that the best genes survive and there is always a strong variety.

There was a video that went viral last April about a girl who found her doppelganger after a two week journey. Meet Niamh and her counterpart:


Weekly Photo: Connection

Facebook-20150824-105053Connected at the nose
Connected by blood
Connecting with history
Abe looks really annoyed

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Connected.”

Photo 101: Day 6 – Connect



Thank goodness I have cats because otherwise the assignment today would be a little difficult. I’m very shy about just walking up to people and asking to take their picture and even taking pictures of random people or even my family feels a little awkward. There’s nothing like two cats who have a certain connection to one another. My two felines are known to wrestle, fight, and run like wild horses after one another through the house, but, as is evident in these pictures, they love each other and seek one another for company and comfort. Because what else is there for these cats? Their worlds are so itty bitty small and having they being related to one another by species helps clear up some of the loneliness. I realize this assignment asked for more of a human approach but the ideal image for today was my cats, who also share a connection with me in a way (and they weren’t fussy about having their picture taken). Two animals of the same species – that’s my interpretation of connect.


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