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The Colin Kaepernick kneeling controversial is perhaps the silliest story to come out this fall. It takes the cake as football’s first big scandal this season after months of afor the new season. In a preseason game, Kaepernick kneeled down while the national anthem was playing to protest because he didn’t want to support a country that oppressed blacks and minorities, based off the happenings in Ferguson and beyond. Another player joined him to support his views on the current state of things. Now U.S. women’s soccer star Megan Rapinoe, who was on the 2015 World Cup winning squad, did the same thing as a “nod to Kaepernick”. And social media blew up.

I don’t see anything wrong with this kind of protest. Kaepernick had every right to express his opinion. The media will find anything they can to get a heated discussion going. The Deflategate controversy is all but exhausted. Let’s get our hands on something else that has little to no meaning on how the season unfolds.



The Chair Lift Debate

Ok, I want to settle this once and for all. The great chair lifting trick that women say men can’t do but only they can is complete hokum. It’s silly. You are supposed to be able to lift the chair up without bending your knees or unbending your back. It’s been said that it’s nearly impossible for guys to do this because of something like a lower center of gravity and more muscle mass.

But, I just tried it today and lifted up the chair without any trouble, though I’m not sure if I was following the rules all correctly. The next I tried it though, I took the commonly preferred three steps back, put my head agaist the wall, and trid to lift the chair…and could hardly move it…so there’s that. Many videos I watched featured guys doing it with ease, though some didn’t do it right or use the correct chair for this experiment.

What’s the science to this statement? When did it originate? Who came up with it? Did a man try to pick up a chair one day with his head against the wall and fell over, his wife seeing this and trying it herself with success? Are men and women’s bodies built with different bone structures? Do men have an extra bone that should prevent them from picking up said chair?

There really isn’t any way to prove this since everyone is built different and there’s a variety of chairs used in the experiment. Some work and some don’t. TV shows have also tried to prove or disprove this, one being All in the Family, in which the Meathead failed but the women succeeded.

The only way to really prove that women are superior to men at this little trick is to have a standardized test. Get a chair that is solid, not foldable, and is of a height that doesn’t interfere with lifting it. Put a line on the floor where one’s feet should be.

This is just the dumbest “truth” I’ve heard. It needs to be extinguished once and for all just because the results are mixed. There are too many variables to account for like angle and distance, height and weight. If a guy tries hard enough, they could do the trick. Still interesting to think about though.

Watch the video and see for yourself if you agree or not:

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Doubters Alert.”

What commonly accepted truth (or “truth”) do you think is wrong, or at least seriously doubt?  Why?