Full Moon Flight

Come with me
The moon is awake
We’ll soar to high yonder
Until the owl nestles for his long awaited break
And see those peaceful heads
All cozy in their beds
And hear the coyotes cry
Until morning light sheds


Keep the Fire Burning

Raging bull
Weakness of rain
Proudful joy
Cowardly brain
Gentle giants
Tough as steel
TNT, ready to heel
Laughing clown
Crying baby
Losing, trying, still can’t save me
Rising, falling, against the resistance
Smiling, frowning
Until no existence
God above
Waiting for the day
That I finally join him
And be glorious in May
While all the wrongs turn into rights
And life gets tough and wants to bite
Hard and strong
The days press on
There’s always a chance
For a new upbeat song
The road ahead keeps winding and turning
But there is still a hot fire inside me
That keeps burning and burning…

0209 Sepia Road

Daily Prompt