Number Three

Number three has yet to happen
Number three been open for years
I think it’s about time to settle the score
Will you be my number three
So I don’t have to wait no more?

Radical Soul

Free and easy soul

Look at the way she moves

Swift ballerina

Swift and furious

Across the smooth floor

The elusive dragonfly

Sway to ballroom beat

Strobe light paralysis

Blinded by love and music



I’ve been cheated out of life

Lost so many damn chances

Dealt with this stinking hand

And thrown to the curb

And stepped on like a wad of gum

But I get back up and fight again

Because that is what fighters do

And throwing in the white flag is

A surrenderous defeat

A pathetic end

A premature disposition



The wind is howling like the ravenous wolf

The cabinets, doors blowing off their hinges

The tornado alley kicking into high gear

You’d better run, better run

Outrun the ferocious monster

Swirling like an endless top

An electrified tumbler of shrapnel

A relentless bulldozer of impact and destruction

I run for cover down into the fortified bomb shelter

Hands above my head, sounds reverberating the cement walls

The door to sanctuary slapping shut with the force of a giant’s hand


Epitome of a Fool

Don’t see inside me
It’s too dark to be
That part were madness
Takes hold
Turning it’s key
Into an abyss
Where grim is bliss
A torturous flint
Sparking every miss
In the belly of a cauldron
Hot like a pit
Where we sink the ships
In treasures troves
It’s never missed
Dug in groves
Don’t look in my eyes
It’s a trapped disguise
I’m the epitome
Of a fool

A poem I found on




Take a look into the depths

Embrace, see the darkness

Peer into the misty storm

And see my reflections

My memories

My pensive look

Everything that is thought

Everything that is true

This is my inner soul

My inner demons unleashed

You will not regret this

For the power within is unbelievable

And the real version of me will engulf

That fabricated world I tried living in

Lost in thought

A loss for words


Discover Challenge: Obstacles

blackwhite4“Often it isn’t the mountains ahead that wear you out, it’s the little pebble in your shoe.”
Muhammad Ali

Running a creative business is often a means to an end. When you are making little to no money on this, the thought occurs of “what is the point to this?”. But then the other half says, “No, I’ve got to keep going on what I have started because there is so much more to do and so many more people to meet”. I feel like I am wanting to skimp off and do other fun stuff because of what precious time I have left in my 20s. I won’t be young forever. Time is ticking. The pressure to be successful is always there. I am always reminded of someone’s great success story and it is always a slap in the face for me. Oh, this person has written X number of books and has done X number of interviews and made this much money. What have you done?

Oh, I’ve only just scratched the surface.

I’ve recently rediscovered the friendzone turned dating site MeetMe (even if they state otherwise, it is definitely for hooking up with locals now). It has sure changed since the last time I logged on to there. There are no more games and it is exclusively a place now to meet people you are interested in or just want to talk to. The site has been optimized for mobile usage, with a simple layout and four simple tabs called Meet, Chat, Feed, and Me – all very useful. I updated my profile on there and cringe at some of the pictures I took when I was 18 on the site, in an effort to attract attention from the female population (and some guys as well). This is one of those sites that gives an aura of nostalgia and longingness for the past for me. I wish to go back to the way things were, back to my naive high school days when I didn’t even have thoughts about college, but know that is just like wishing water would turn into fire.

In the creative world, my obstacle is overcoming the laziness of not wanting to create something. I sometimes have to push myself to overcome this, have to remember the overall importance of this whole thing. Get those horses going again, get back in the race. You have to get serious again. Stop being complacent. You know you are good. Keep up the confidence. It’s the negative thoughts that get in the way. Banish the negativity. Embrace the positive.

For this week’s challenge, tell us about a time when you had to deal with an obstacle in your creative process, whether it was a bad case of writer’s block, some rigid rules you had to work around, or some other limitation — financial, technical, mental — that set you back. Did you manage to transcend the obstacle, or was it too much to deal with at the time? More important: what did you learn about yourself and your creativity in the process?

Weekly Discover Challenge: Obstacles


Your breath, the excursion

Feeling the air shift and flow

A quiet peace that moves

While parched leather skin

Slowly bakes in the sun

Imagined dreams

For the one

In Response to: Breath

Party On Til’ Bedtime

The party.
The large crowd.
The noise.
Nonchalant life.

Now the hour is up.

Go to bed.



Sliding into Writing Mode

Meditate, meditate

Rest your brain

Slow down and let the waves rush

Slow down and let the air rush

Forget everything else

All of the excitement and chaos

Just write

And be free and easy

Don’t let the walls cave in

For the walls are all gone


I feel that settling down to write after being pumped with excitement and sheer anxiety all day requires some disciplinary action. It requires washing away all of the distractions, the dirt, and focusing on the blank slate in front of you. There are a number of gears I have to shift in order to get into a comfortable writing mode. With YouTube on my mind and my video making bug getting clingier, I have to mind the balance between the two, but needless to say that the former is by no means a success at this point.