Here you are at the crossroads

Your life is hanging in the balance

There is no more time to wait

It is time to get up and go

Because getting older means

Becoming more of an afterthought

As everyone gets younger and better looking

And you start going the other way

With the high school years further behind

And the inevitable future ahead

Don’t let your dreams slip through your fingers

Chase after them and stare doubts in the rear mirror

I don’t want to grow old too quickly

Because there is so much left to experience

And letting those days slip by

Would be ever regrettable


Reaching A Crossroads

After so much ignorance of the fact,
A crossroads has been met,
Decisions have to be made;
Do I continue on that futile path
Or finally realize it’s not for me?
‘Cuz I’ve come to realize
I may not be the best
And am far behind the pack
And right about now
I feel like my decision
Is to take the road
That is of most comfort to me:
To follow the light within that has
Outshone everything so far;
And that may be the writer in me
That is calling just this once
Or maybe it’s just my mood right now:
The gloom and the sadness,
The cold hard truth that hits you,
Feels likes you’ve been suckerpunched