One Last Time

Let my ashes blow in a beautiful snow / From the prevailing 30 mile an hour southwest wind / When my last remains go flying over the left-field wall.

– Steve Goodman

After 108 years, the world can finally say these words:

The Chicago Cubs are World Series champions!

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Steve Goodman, a lifelong native of Chicago, wrote this great song in 1984 as a follow up to an earlier song of his “A Dying Cubs Fan Final Request”, meant to be a more uplifting song and to serve as the official song of the Chicago Cubs. He died six months after penning it (September, final month of the season) and it now serves as a lasting memory of his love for the city of Chicago and the Cubbies.

Now that the Cubs are World Series champions, what’s next in store for this lovable team? Keep winning I suppose and really make these rare celebrations a tradition. The parade today throughout Wrigleyville and beyond was sensational and really well put on. For the first time in 108 years, the North side of Chicago got to see their team celebrate and up close and personal, just like the White Sox did back in 2005 when they broke their 87 year drought. Back then, way back then, fans would have came to the parade in stagecoaches or on horses, sloshing through muddy grounds, fighting to get a good view of the hometown heroes.

A city was revitalized today. A fanbase uplifted. It is the dawning of a new era for the Chicago Cubs and everyone can thank Theo Epstein for building the team, getting the players, and getting them out of the dark days that was pre-2009 before the Ricketts family took over. There are truly great days to come but of course planning ahead is always necessary to ensure that the team stays successful, because to tell you the truth, Cubs nation is not used to being on top for so long and it would only be natural for them to fall back down and be humble again as they have learned to be for so many years. But there is no Curse to blame for losing anymore – only theirselves. All of that stuff from the past is history. Baseball is a truly pure game now that all of the hoaxes, jinxes, curses, and other foolish stuff has been erased.

I can proudly say that I am now a Cubs fan for life after the remarkable, magical season they had this year. I am glad I got to see one of my favorite teams, basically almost everyone’s favorite, win a championship at the age of 25. I now have a long life to live to see maybe more championships and more great stories. I am part of the new generation and am quite lucky to say that I got to witness history while so many before me lived and died waiting and waiting.

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#NaNoPoblano2016 Day 4

Youth Pastime

That’s a funny word. Pastime. I always thought it should be two words. Pass time as in something you do to pass the time. Baseball is still called America’s pastime though it has started to die out in favor of faster sports and activities.

One of the favorite things about being a kid in the old days was going out and throwing a baseball. Now in the 2010s decade, that activity isn’t so prominent anymore with all the techno gadgets floating around, which I don’t mind because it makes life more interesting.

This video is from a baseball game from last year that we went to. The home team won 6-0. I went to my first baseball game at six years old at the old Tiger Stadium, which is now likely to inhabit actual live tigers (and other wildlife) because it is so neglected.


October Baseball

Postseason baseball in October is magical, especially if you have a team to root for and they go all the way. The first series I ever watched was the 2003 NLCS featuring the Cubs and Marlins. Game 6 is what sticks out in my mind, since it was basically the first game I remember watching and saw a headphone wearing Steve Bartman supposedly interfere with a foul ball in the eighth inning that Cubs outfielder Moses Alou tried to catch. The Cubs were leading the game and two outs away from the promise land. After the Bartman incident, the wheels fell off with a wild pitch, error, and eight runs coming from Florida and them winning that game and Game 7. And Bartman was forever etched in not only cursed Cubs history, but overall baseball history. He hasn’t been to a baseball game since and has declined appearances, no matter how much money he’s been offered.

I have to say buying the online MLB postseason package and getting to see the Cubs and Mets in the NLCS is something I’m proud of and excited about. There isn’t any cable or satellite at home to see any of the pre-World Series games on TV so it was either dishing out some money or listening to the series on radio, which isn’t as entertaining as the visual medium. After having not seen a game all year, except when I was actually at a Tigers and Cubs game at CoPa in June with Detroit shutting out the Cubbies, it is breathtaking to see the green turf, flying infield dirt, and hear the crowd and crack of bats.

Back in the NLCS for the first time since 2003, the Cubs lost the first game 4-2 but watching the game with the behind home plate camera was interesting, making me feel as if I were actually sitting in the seats located there at Citi Field. I had a choice of ten different angles from around the stadium, including a blimp shot, but only the cameras from behind home plate gave me a good view of the game in full-screen mode, being able to see the base hits, home runs, and outfielders and infielders fielding the balls. For ten bucks, it is really worth it. Having no commercials and being able to rewind is nice.

Even if the Cubs lose this series, which is looking more and more like the outcome as they are behind again tonight, I still would appreciate getting to finally watch a baseball game for the first time all year. I think I’ll still watch the World Series with this online player, even if it’s on national television, because of the different angles, having rewind options, and not having to listen to the annoying FOX broadcast. It is fun to watch baseball from a new perspective.

Other news:

Dennis Rodeman, the firefighter who was the victim of an intentional hit and run collision back on September 9, was given a respectful salute and ceremony this week along with a Michigan state trooper named Chad Wolf who was also involved in a crash back on August 28 in Lansing. A 72 year old was in a truck pulling a trailer when he abruptly pulled onto the exit ramp after quickly realizing he was going to miss his intended exit. The trailer struck Wolf, who was on a motorcycle and patrolling the highway, and was pinned underneath. He was then dragged along until the driver pulled into a rest stop and noticed the trooper was underneath. He died later at a hospital.

Money was raised for both of these brave men through GoFundMe accounts. There were also Fill the Boot campaigns for both civil servicemen that raised money for the families.

The fact that Michigan State Troopers are honoring these men of duty at a Badges Unite Benefit and Appreciation BBQ fundraiser this week in Marshall Park tells me that the human spirit is still alive and well within us all, especially my hometown. Even after the days have passed by and people have already moved on to other things, local townspeople are still paying their respects to Rodeman and Wolf and their friends and families – because what happened to these men was so horrific. I’m happy that these stories and similar ones remain newsworthy enough for future reporting and that the tragedies have not been forgotten. Always in my heart.

Now onto Wrigley Field for three games. The Mets are up 2-0. Come on Cubs. Let’s not let the party end already.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Right to Brag.”

Tell us about something you (or a person close to you) have done recently (or not so recently) that has made you really, unabashedly proud.