Dark Places


Getting out of that dark place was the best thing that could have ever happened to me, because now I have a direction in life and see more and more opportunities on the horizon, whenever they become available. Always having something to look forward to everyday, whether it be writing, photography, or filmmaking, gives me a sense of purpose in life, and eases my doubts and makes me happy.

I still know a few people who are in a dark place and would greatly benefit from a helping hand and support to get them going in the right direction. The reason one of these people is in such a bad spot is because they have had an abusive childhood and were brought up with basically no love and support. Getting that much needed love and care would do wonders for this person, as she would finally see hope and light for the first time and not want to go back to living that dreary, depressing, misguided life of her past. Her abusive parents are to blame for how terrible her life has been up to now, not having a solid home to stay in, going from place to place, not knowing where she’ll end up next, a perpetual leaf in the breeze, dust blowing in the wind. Imagine not even being able to sleep in a bed, but on the cold hard floor. I wish there was something I could do about it but at this point I can only hope that she will figure it all out.




Don’t dwell on the past

For it only consumes you

Depression sets in

Sadness eats at your soul

That dark, dark hole you can’t get out

The light fades away

I can’t afford the sadness

For happiness has a much warmer embrace

And my struggle with that dark place

Will avoid at all costs


Photo 101: Day 10 – Mystery


Day ten of our adventurous photography course has arrived. Darkness and mystery consume our pictures today. We feel uncertainty as our eyes wander in a calming fashion around the somber mood set by the scene. Questions will be asked while answers will be playful and full of wisdom. My entry of mysterious levels was composed by a chance shot of light streaming in through the curtained window and being channeled into a light beam. It was so enthralling and when I placed my hand in the spotlight, I felt like it was full of the white light of some powerful human. And then, obviously, I thought, “Hey, what a cool picture to get,” and took my camera phone and snapped a shot of my “Hand of Glory.” I then had to darken out everything on either side of the main focus to make it truly shrouded in mystery.


I bought this book sometime last year at a Barnes and Noble store but rarely look through it for tips and tricks of the finest photographers on our planet. I’m just glad to have it by my side whenever I need some great ideas to spice up my wacky world of picture taking (that has just started to get on a more civilized track). I would recommend it to anyone, whether you are an idiot photographer (as the title suggests) or a seasoned, proven preserver of light or darkness.

#photo 101