Remembering Many

A great deal of notable people were lost in 2016, many this month alone.

This is a just a list of some of the more recognizable names that made headlines this year, causing people to immediately stop and reflect on the lives of these people. People die everyday, but only so many, such as these people, live a full and everlasting life. They all celebrated just one more Christmas before passing on and leave behind a trail of accomplishments and contributions to society in general.


Florence Henderson

Gene Wilder

Fidel Castro

Alan Thicke

Bernard Fox

Craig Sager

John Glenn

Arnold Palmer


Muhammad Ali

David Bowie

Alan Rickman

Harper Lee

Nancy Reagan

Gordie Howe

Pat Summitt

Merle Haggard

Leonard Cohen

Frank Sinatra, Jr.

This is in remembrance to them all.


Under the Moonlight

Blue Moon | July

This picture of a lake under the moon, inspired by the Bowie song “Let’s Dance” that has the lyric “dance under the moonlight, the serious moonlight”. I like the song but I wouldn’t say it’s my all time favorite because of course I’m too young to have known when this song was at the top of the charts, but it is very catchy and disco sounding.

WPC: Half-Light and Dance