Fantasy Football Decision

It’s that time of year again
When the excitement reaches fever pitch
When the gurus come out the woodworks
Everyone thinks they know the sitch

I’ll pull out the charts,
the stats, the notes,
Pour blood, sweat, and tears
Into this game of couch riding dolts

Is it Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers?
AP or Arian?
Who will I choose in the draft?
What’s my unique name?
How about The Flying Hair again?

What site should I choose?
Should I play for cash or play for free?
Does getting involved with the league of leagues
Really mean the death of me?

It may seem silly
To the unaware virgin
But this game is quite fun
They’ve got millionaires emerging

I’ve been playing this game
for a number of years
Have faced numerous decisions,
researching, my ultimate fears

But I’ve finally come to realize
Just what I’m doing, exactly
Counting on millionaires
to fulfill my football fantasy

Anyone who has played NFL fantasy football would get this.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Decisions, Decisions.”

Reaching A Crossroads

After so much ignorance of the fact,
A crossroads has been met,
Decisions have to be made;
Do I continue on that futile path
Or finally realize it’s not for me?
‘Cuz I’ve come to realize
I may not be the best
And am far behind the pack
And right about now
I feel like my decision
Is to take the road
That is of most comfort to me:
To follow the light within that has
Outshone everything so far;
And that may be the writer in me
That is calling just this once
Or maybe it’s just my mood right now:
The gloom and the sadness,
The cold hard truth that hits you,
Feels likes you’ve been suckerpunched