Share Your World – 2015 Week #42

Every week, Cee Neuner puts out a set of questions for bloggers to answer. These are usually simple, fun, and made to get to know each other and to get the writing juices flowing within us. I don’t always publish a Share Your World post, but here’s my latest one:

Are you usually late, early, or right on time? 

I like to say I’m an early bird, getting to class or work before almost everyone. During my brief internship at an engineering and design firm, I was always into the building and at my station before most people, many of the big wigs, would show up to work. I’d have a lot of time to get my computer booted up and get prepared for the day. During my primary school years, there was no dillydallying or talking in the halls and I always got into the classroom without any distractions. I’m not an early blogger though. My best ideas usually come sometime in the afternoon or in the evening when things are settled down. I try not to worry about the 12:00 midnight “deadline” too much, working at my own pace and putting down my best effort, but I always have a goal to publish at least one post everyday so there is a point where I start hurrying and panicking a bit – which in the end is really silly.

If you were or are a writer do you prefer writing short stories, poems or novels?

I don’t know if I can really call myself a writer since I’ve never gotten paid for writing
anything and just do this for my own pleasure, but my forte out of those three options has got to be poetry. I wouldn’t say I’m the best poet but I am pretty darn good at stringing rhymes and thoughtful phrases together and have been developing a style – for a while.

Where did you live at age ten?  Is it the same place or town you live now?

In a lovely modular home in the Parma countryside with a blacktop driveway and huge front and backyard. There were two tan sheds as well. Lots of cats. At age 11, my divorced mom, me, and my sisters moved out of there and into an old farmhouse in a city just outside Ann Arbor. Since then, I have lived in four different houses, all of varying qualities and degrees. I now live in a manufactured home park just off a rural road in the city I was born in.

Would you rather be able to fly or breathe under water?


I’ve always wanted to breathe underwater – and keep my eyes open. I would be Aquaman in this case, even though Superman is way cooler and more popular in the comic book universe. There is so much to see underwater, especially in the oceans, that I am fascinated about, a world that my eyes haven’t discovered yet, so being able to breathe underwater and explore without hindrance would be awesome. Flying would make me nauseous.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

The lovable Detroit Lions won their first game this week but Michigan lost a heartbreaker to Michigan State on a fumbled punt and touchdown return. I’m still glad the Wolverines played a great game and looked very much improved but feel sorry for the punter Blake O’Neill that got death threats against him. In an ironic twist, the head of alumni at Michigan State wrote an open letter to O’Neil on his blog, saying it was not O’Neill’s fault that Michigan lost the game and that “I would be proud to have you on our team.”.

In the upcoming week, I am looking forward to hopefully getting a Halloween costume together. I don’t know for sure what I want to be or if I’m going to go as anything, but a presidential runner with cream colored (or is it peach or sandy?) hair seems like a nice choice.

WPC: Early Bird

What a great morning it was, getting up early to fulfill another weekly photo challenge, this one asking for some early bird shots – not actual shots of birds though. I could have simply gone to my archives but I felt like taking fresh photos would only make this feel real. The first picture I got was one of my cat, having to hold its head up as it struggled to get away, thinking the hell with my stupid photo shoot. And then I headed outside and got the harvested farmland behind some empty houses. It really does look like a war had just occurred with it being so bare, burnt, and depressing.

That led to me taking a little nature walk this morning along the roads near my home, taking in the fresh air of the Spring weather. The first road I walked along was very busy and industrial like, hardly any trees and very bright sunlight, but the road I took a right turn on was a lot more peaceful and country like with lush green trees on both sides and there were only an occasional couple of cars rolling through. With the batteries in my digital camera dead, I had to switch to my 2 MP camera phone to capture shots of the country road, its old asphalt cracked and worn but with an authentic feel. I found this strange-looking plant on the ground, had a fuzzy texture and reminded me of eucalyptus leaves, and I bent down to snap a picture of it but was careful not to come in contact, afraid it might be poisonous and have me develop a terrible itch.

And then came the selfies, requiring me to look a little more conspicuous in the event of passing cars, and I even took a daring one in the middle of the street. Street Selfie™.  Such a narcissist thing.


I wanted to try to get a shot of a passing car but again, that would have required me to break out of my “safe zone” and look extra conspicuous and odd standing there with my phone pointed to the road. I’m a little funny about having people know I’m taking pictures; I like to do it in as secretive of a manner as possible.

On the way home from my photo walk, a couple of bright yellow flowers (not sure what they’re called) near the road of a person’s home caught my eye. Well, I could have captured them quicker but I still had my timer on from the selfie session, and by the time the shot took, a car was about to pull up into the driveway. I felt so embarrassed and immediately continued on home without stopping, not realizing the inhabitants of the home were going to pull into the driveway as soon as I kneeled down to take the photo. The guy in the car shouted, “Hey, man, don’t worry about it” as if he didn’t mind he caught me trampling on his property, looking kind of strange. I didn’t say a word and got out of there faster than an escaped fugitive. Taking pictures, especially of things near people’s homes , can be risky since you never know if the inhabitants will see you doing it and become suspicious. That’s the worst feeling in the world.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird