Earth Moving

These big earth movers sure know how to tear it up, excavating the pavement and plowing away areas of land to make room for new roads and homes. July was a month of construction and building new things, tearing away old scars and starting anew. Not just in the literal sense but in a mental way. I have tried to refresh my creative ways and find some newfound inspiration in writing, photography, and video making.

As I have done with previous posts, I reflect on the previous month and look ahead to the next one. I’m always looking for the next set of days to be earth moving, to see significant change and progress in whatever I am doing, but for the most part things will likely be slow and methodical as before. It’s time to buy a new memory card for my phone because I accidentally snapped the one in half while trying to remove it from the pesky slot underneath. I’ve had about 10 of those tiny cards and they are now all lost or broken.


Feed the Earth


The rain came down
The soil became wet
The seeds they planted
Til’ winter harvest moon comes

Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

Yet Another Name Change (YANC)

As you may already know, this blog’s name has changed…again, for like the fifth or sixth time. I have a nerve to keep changing things because something new and better always comes along, something that is closer to my ultimate vision of what things should be. And my vision right from the beginning was to create a website, not just an ordinary blog, that features many different things related to me, as well as all of my social outlets.

It is now called “Mac’s World”, a short and concise title that still describes everything going on on planet Earth according to me, and incorporates my username Macbofisbil (though I am wishing I had considered using something more “fruity” like MacMelons or MacSkittles – really wish I could go back to 2012 and tell past me to use something else because he was really keyed in on the acronym thing).

Let’s hope another YANC doesn’t come along soon. I believe I’ve finally reached something easy and memorable, but it’s probably wrecking havoc on my search rankings on Google.


Planet Earth Is Blue

David Bowie’s signature song, and the one he takes to his resting place, is “Space Oddity”, and somewhere deep in space, the soundwaves that long ago emitted from a radio station on Earth will reach a distant world. Will there be anyone on that world to hear the ballad of Major Tom and how he surrendered to the unpredictable and unknown nature of outer space? Will they send back a response song to Earth that may or may not still be there thousands of years from now?

That of course is one of my top favorite songs of all time because it was written just before the Apollo 11 moon landing in July 1969. Houston control decided not to play the song over the speakers until the mission was proven successful, which of course it was. David Bowie wrote the lyrics to the song predicting what would happen when men flew to the moon. It was predicted as ending in tragedy. Before it was released, critics of Bowie worried that the song would be seen as a promotional stunt for the mission.

I find it a bit ironic (or maybe it’s a just a coincidence) that Bowie died at the age of 69, a number obviously symbolic with space travel as if the universe knew all along.

Chris Hadfield’s cover of it aboard the ISS is simply beautiful. It was recorded in 2013 and was the very first music video shot in space. The shots of the Earth and the space station outside are unbelievable. The lyrics were updated to change the ending from the astronaut dying to a heroic mission.

I see Earth! It is so beautiful!
I could have gone on flying through space forever.
– quote by Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space

If I were stuck in space and had nowhere to go and my ending was inevitable, I’d think of Earth and so much that I’d miss. All the animals and plants, the air that I freely breath, the joy of seeing the sun rise over the trees every morning, the comfort of the moonlight. Of course, there are things I’d not miss like all of the greedy people and violence happening all the time.

If it were a trip to Mars, and there was no return to the home planet, I would feel a disconnect and vulnerability but after living on the Red Planet for a while and getting used to the environment, the homesick feeling wouldn’t be so bad. Seeing the blue marble disappear slowly into the background would have a way of making me feel how small we all are in general. For there is so much more to see beyond our shallow borders of ignorance.

One Moon For All

There is one moon in the sky that we have worshiped and counted the years by for millenia. It is the Moon, and needs no fancy name like other planets’ satellites. And if you think about the time that little rock has been up in the sky, say 4.5 billion years just like Earth, the 40 something years that have gone by since man last set foot on it seems minuscule in comparison. My moon is your moon as the same water you drank today was also drank by many people before you, including me. That same moon was gazed upon by ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and other civilizations. Dinosaurs probably eyed it one time or another.

Strawberry Moon | June

This is the Strawberry Moon of June that I captured earlier this month in my backyard. The best picture I’ve ever gotten of the magnificent orb to this point. I used a tripod to steady the shot and zoomed in with my HD video camera set to the photo mode and snapped a number of shots until I got one that was centered perfectly since the camera kept wobbling and getting the moon off target. A lowering of the white exposure on my camera also eliminated that bright glow of the moon and brought out its fine details, such as the dark spots and crater marks.

Isn’t it amazing how life on Earth is dependent upon this hunk of rock? Without it, our world would be very different, maybe inhabitable (for humans at least). The ice poles would shift constantly, possibly freezing organisms to death who aren’t used to it; the hot zones would also shift, possibly making Antarctica a warm place, melting all the ice and snow. It would be a Topsy turvy world, the seasons sporadically changing, Earth wobbling dangerously like a top. And somebody actually wanted to blow up the Moon…sheesh.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: One Item

Q is for Quadruple

Questions of the universe, they’ve quizzed our minds
Understanding nature’s perfect even
As much is contained within this pool divine
Drawing them can be fun, since it’s as easy as pie
Rollicking fun are cartoons, the four fingered discount guy
Ulysses S. Grant, he came and went on March 4
Proudly introducing Mac in the year of dystopia war
Love in four seasons, a rare green quartet
Embers reaching four feet high, haven’t gone North yet (besides the other three cardinal directions)

April A to Z Challenge

Twenty-Five Eight

Good news — another hour has just been added to every 24-hour day (don’t ask us how. We have powers). How do you use those extra sixty minutes?

Everyone, including the Daily Prompt, has also got it all wrong! If there were 25 hours in a day, we would need to add an extra day to the week to iron things out and keep the calendar year at 365 days. 25/8. The Beatles’ song would finally make sense. But to the point…

Is another hour on the day really going to change anything for me? Not exactly. I’ll still be the same person and do the same things, just with more TIME. We all need more time, but does anyone know how to use it correctly?

To stay positive on this, I could use that extra sixty minutes to catch up on my favorite Netflix shows, apply for jobs, write more, or just get some more quality sleep. But in actuality, adding another hour to the day is a silly idea in my opinion (IMO).

A 12 hour morning and 13 hour afternoon/evening. That’s not symmetrical. If the soulless machines behind the Daily Prompt have the utter madness to manipulate the threads of time, why not make it a 26-hour day in order to keep everything in equilibrium? Two perfect halves. That’s how everything in our universe is like, right? As for how the rest of the normal time-keeping goes, that’s up for debate. Think about how we would have to change the way the calendar looks. It’s so perfect now but adding another hour to each day would throw it off completely. This is a ridiculous thing to even consider. It’s against everything the time gods put down in place when they invented our way of keeping track of events. Pope Gregory XIII, whom our most common calendar system is named after, would be rolling in his grave right now, though I’m not sure if he was buried. The analog clock would have a problem since if the big hand went around 13 once it couldn’t go around it again or that would 26 hours which we are not aiming for here.

Now I might be entirely wrong here, because I have just learned that having 25 hours in a day might happen not far in the future, do to the Earth’s rotation decelerating. According to a British astronomer, the Earth has been slowing down since at least 700 B.C. And here’s an interesting fact: there wasn’t always 24 hours in a day. 530 million years ago, when mostly unicellular organisms inhabited the planet, there were 21 hours in a day. When the dinosaurs were making their footprints on the earth, days fluctuated every 23 hours. So the days have been getting longer and longer since the beginning of time.

13:00. That’s a bad hour to suddenly put into our everyday lives. I think a lot of superstitious people would be boarding up their houses or locking themselves in their basements every time that part of the day came up.