Not Writing A College Essay

I don’t want to think too hard today, since my mind is currently at ease, so that is why I am deciding to forgo the tedious task of presenting a two sided argument for something in the news that I really have no interest in writing about. It’s not that it doesn’t concern me but the overall post that would be written afterward would be a strained effort from my mind and something that would feel out of place with some of the happier, more lighthearted posts that I have written – my poems and photography that attempt to present a personal side of myself and discover the all around human spirit within. I hate these kind of prompts – they’re a challenge that I never can quite grasp:

Pick a divisive issue currently in the news. Write a two-part post in which you take on two personas and approach the topic from both sides. Bonus points for a creative format (roundtable discussion, debate transcript, etc.).

Sounds rather complicated. And what are these ‘Bonus points’ going towards? No, I’m not in college anymore and definitely have had enough of these analytic essays. Debate club was never for me.


Dinner tonight was Banquet chicken, iceberg salad, corn, stuffing, and fish sticks. A mini-Thanksgiving on this quiet day of college basketball and NASCAR. A side of vodka induced OJ washed down the meal well and prompted the featured image today. Later on, I indulgently slurped down a green food-colored shamrock shake, leaving the cherry the last thing in the bottom of the container, a tradition of mine – like the worm at the bottom of a tequila glass minus the alcohol.

Since I’m turning away from writing the proverbial college essay, my twist on ‘A House Divided’ must be if I am to return to college or not this fall.

The pros are there: I can start my Bachelor’s degree program and have a better shot at getting a job. I won’t be sitting around the house anymore and would actually be making progress again. I could finally make some money and move out, having more space for my little production studio that seeks to expand.

But there are also the cons: I only have a few years left before financial aid will not support me anymore and I will have to pay for my classes and tuition. And I have become so comfortable at home doing my own thing and suddenly having to go to classes again week by week would be tough.

So what should I do? Continuing my education either at Baker or perhaps Western Michigan University would be a great idea and a worthwhile decision. My job hunt with an Associate Degree in my back pocket hasn’t panned out that well (a lot on my behalf of being lazy) and I suppose learning more in the engineering field, or perhaps something more of my interest would be beneficial. That something else could be trying to go for a Bachelor’s degree in video production, since I am already an avid hobbyist of it and have bubbling aspirations to really become great in the field. I didn’t spend all that money on production equipment just because. I absolutely love making movies – amateur yes, but all the same – and the decision to continue to learn new tricks and techniques would be great and might actually land me a job somewhere, say perhaps working behind the scenes at a news station. In August 2014, I attempted to start my own wedding/special events production company but didn’t have the necessary funds or actual equipment to do it. And it was a rather silly and absurd idea anyway, going off of my family’s excitement for a little graduation video slideshow I made for my sister. I even had a website made that cost me a fortune and later on had to be cancelled and the money refunded in order to get my bank account out of the red. And to this day I still get phone calls asking if I’m the owner of that now nonexistent website; I should just say it was cancelled months ago but I instead hang up or wait for the call to mysteriously drop.

Yes, I should return to college to get my life back on the track of progress, instead of the rut it is kind of stuck in now with job prospects being so low where I live. It would be a fun experience and I would feel better about myself – even more if I happened to move away to the aforementioned WMU and actually live on campus, enjoying all the amenities of a real college student. Yes, the costs are a concern but nothing in this world comes free. And if I am ever going to reach my goals that are starting to take shape and become more solid and realistic I really need to reach for the stars, instead of dwelling on the ground staring up at them, hoping for a miracle that one would fall down to me – and hit me straight on the head, leaving me in a confused state like a cartoon character.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: A House Divided

WPC: Graduation Achievement


This is the best picture of achievement that I can come up with and it’s powerful because me and the person that has been connected to me since birth – my mother – is in it . I graduated from Baker College of Jackson in June 2014 with an Associate Degree in CAD/Design. It is a small college but the turnout to the graduation was much bigger than I expected (at least that was with two branches of Baker combined – Jackson and Coldwater). This picture taken with my mom symbolizes everything she hoped out of me – to become successful and live a good life, getting the best out of this world, not letting anything get in my way. I had never felt so happy and excited when I walked up onto the stage to receive my degree, in front of a packed house of graduates and their eager families. The buzz in the air that night was amazing. I kept thinking to myself, “I’m a college graduate, the first one in my immediate family, and I have something to be proud of.”

It was something to be very proud of. I worked hard to earn that degree. Showed up to class everyday even though sometimes I felt like it was no use since the work was kind of lame and we were often let out of class early. But taking a challenge to learn something new is my victory from that college. I still have no job from earning the degree, but am thinking about going for my Bachelor’s sometime next year, maybe in the same field, maybe not, depends on my present interests.

Receiving that rose I have with me in the photo also uplifted my spirits to uncharted levels. It symbolized hope and a breath of new life, that I had succeeded, had beat out the pack. A victory rose. I felt like clenching it in my teeth but that would have looked silly. It smelled and looked so good at that moment. I felt like a champion for that one night. Being a part of a large group of graduates (only 4 in my field though) made me feel special.

The best part about my graduation from college? People actually clapped for me this time, unlike my high school graduation where I was one of the last to graduate (seated in the very back row) and when my name was called all I got was one rather loud and sarcastic “woot” before I received my diploma placeholder, got my picture taken awkwardly, and went behind the curtain. I felt rather disappointed and heartbroken that I didn’t get the round of applause I was hoping for, but fast forward four years later and I suddenly felt a lot better. But life didn’t stop there though. I have to keep pushing myself to achieve new things. To leap boundaries and prove that I can do anything I set my mind to. My third graduation should be even more exciting. To make my family and everyone else around me even more proud of me is my crowning achievement.

Photo Challenge for Week of November 14: Achievement

Swinging With The Spainards

Hola, amigos. It has been quite a while since I have blogged and I am excited to get going again. Since I last left there have been quite a lot of adventures that I have partaken, some in particular were me posing with a jay-hawk and slipping on the ice and landing on my tush, rather comically. Going off on a tangent…


Learning another language is a major challenge. Just ask me, who still can’t manage to get that fantastic “rolled r” sound down. I just sound ridiculous when I try. In particular, I have been trying to learn Spanish which I seem to be more comfortable with learning than other foreign tongues. It’s not just about memorizing a long list of words translated from English. You have to speak the words in complete sentences and try to have a fluent conversation. In real life you aren’t going to have the luxury of having the conversation slowed down so you can understand what is being said. No, in reality, those frigging Mexicans and what nots seem to speak a mile a minute that you wonder if the people native to that language can even understand. Like speeding up a song so that it is barely comprehensible. And unlike English, if you say a word a particular way, for instance, it could mean something else and possibly offend someone. And in some of the most ruthless countries that most likely means getting stabbed and left to die alone. Oh, the horror.

Anyways…it is a work in progress and by no means will I succeed at having the trusty weapon of a second language tucked under my belt in a matter of weeks. It might take months or even years to finally watch a movie in Spanish without the English subtitles on. Spanish is a beautiful and artful language that is more flexible than standard American-speak. Words can be rearranged to convey different meanings, unlike English which follows strict guidelines unless you are Shakespeare or Yoda (Different ways, arranged these words they be). I’m getting into the meat and potatoes of an independent at home Spanish course online. It seems to be helping me and I have managed to string a couple of sentences together without the help of Google Translate. Hooray for me. I’m off to a nice start but doubt I will get to the point of speaking effortlessly without paying top dollar for the whole deal, the whole lesson package. If I bought that then I could learn the lessons on the go or when I’m out for walks, instead of being tied down to my computer. One night while my dad was snoozing I was repeating words from the Spanish course in a normal speaking voice. He overheard me and said, between chainsaw snores, “Be quiet”.

Another fantasy of mine has been to visit another country such as China and immerse my self in the language of the land. I’ve heard that’s the most effective way to start building up your confidence because I would be among people of different culture and background. As soon as I got used to their ways the language portion would not seem like such a challenge to me anymore. It would become an extension of myself in a sort of way, another part of me that I can switch on and off whenever the situation calls for it.

Then again, getting dumped into a country I have no experience with would feel like a nightmare for a while. I wouldn’t know what was being said or if people were saying things about me that weren’t very nice. I guess it would be helpful to have a translator on my side. I could be like Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai, learning Chinese rather quickly and fluently and then fighting a huge hoard of angry Chinamen and living to tell the tale. Nothing like a fish out of water, eh?

Well, next time I talk I should be able to go a restaurant and order my meal in Spanish – to the annoyance of the waitress who I might impress and score a date with. Or not.

See you later. ¡Hasta la vista, lectores y seguidores!