Deathly Harpischord

Deathly Harpischord

To the uncanny dreadful gallows,

My shuffling gait,

Chaotic civilization was breaking down,

This demon witchcraft cult following,

A golden harp making an ominous sound

“String him up, his time is done”,

The boss says

As I listen to my final melodic hum

And they may cut me down now

As my breath goes away

Or face the future wrath of

Me in the afterlife

And the cult’s ultimate doomsday

Five Word Challenge: October 2015

gallows, civilization, demon, cult, harp

Imperfection is Beauty

I never said I was a perfect guy
I’ve got my troubles, that
Bum lazy eye
And like the buildings that crumble and creak
My confidence strong but,
Emotion soft and meek
Still love spreading horseradish and mayo on rye

Writing 201: Day 4 – Imperfect, Limerick, Enjambment

Concrete Life


is breathing air,                 deep mahogany

earth, wind, rain,                             sweet as honey

The deer roam freely

in spite of


fearsome pursuit

While nightingale song                        on golden pond

Bluegrass swings                                                                            swinging along

And the buzzing bees                               birds and trees

Running through cornfields

Scraping your knees

And the shuffling seasons

Keep us on

Our feet

While the music is as graceful as

the moose grazing in a

field of azure

My own life  with

sleepy cats

About as quiet as the

grizzly going through glorified winter’s nap

             The threads of life                                  that mortal our existence

As real

As the moment of

First kiss: