Weekly Photo: The Enlightenment

5more5A symbol of hope, of the light that shines through the darkness, the top right circle shows. Like one window being lit up in an apartment building when everyone else is asleep at night, showing that life is still moving and there never will be total silence. Or it could symbolize the answer that has suddenly been found for someone, the key to their problems, the key to success or whatever they’re trying to reach.

A symbol of understanding and spiritual reasoning, as the Age of Enlightenment brought about. At the bottom of the mug there is despair and coldness, everything shrouded in darkness, the answers unclear and vague, but at the top is the brightness and warmth that everyone seeks. The top right circle is the brightest and symbolizes the ideal solution above all potential ones. It is the proverbial spot where one strikes gold or oil and realizes their wildest dreams come true.

 Weekly Photo Challenge: “Symbol.”