The fire in my eyes

Says I want you more than ever

I’ll never let go, even in stormy weather

My life is incomplete

Without you to inspire

Baby, you’re my number one

My fire-us desire


Fire-us desire

Gonna take me higher

Fire us desire

The dreamscape’s choir

Fire us desire

Can’t shake off the longing

Fire us desire

Please don’t say the wrong things


Now I’m calling, texting you

Every single night

Hoping that you answer

And make my happiness right

Cause I feel a little lost

And falling into fire

And you are my compass

My fire-us desire


And when the world crumbles down

I’ll still be around

To help you through the pain

Because we belong together

It was written in the stars

Let’s get off this broken planet

And live forever…on Mars


An original song

Go Down In Flames

Image result for flames

We won’t go down in flames

With the mighty sword to our name

Bravery for the best

Treachery for the untamed


#NaNoPoblano2016 Day 13


Image result for flames

My eyes are fierce

The tears fall down

Like waterfalls of fire

I fall into a portal of heat

And see the world through fiery licks

The battlefield is fierce

I trudge on ahead

Through the smoke and gunfire, shrapnel falling at my side

Until I arrive at my noble chariot and briskly ride away towards the golden city


Passionate Impulses

Finding your passion is a lot of trial and error. It comes and goes and is frequently questioned when something interferes with it. It took me a while to find my true passion in life going through a series of activities that I tried to like but just wasn’t getting into. There are a number of things I’m truly passionate about but keeping myself interested in these things and not giving up takes some dedication. I have to continue being inspired to grow and learn new things. It’s when I get caught in a rut that the passion starts to die.


I thought I was passionate about cooking and food in general but it turns out that it was just a phase and to be honest I don’t have much opportunity to practice my skills because of having such a small kitchen and limited supplies I took two years of culinary training and absolutely loved the experience and getting to know so many faces. Everyday in the class was a breath of fresh air and excitement, mostly because of the Cushman factor, a guy who was always so happy and energetic (maybe a little too much) and became a great friend of mine, uplifting my spirits everyday. But sadly, after it was over, and I was out of that ever stimulating environment, the fire was gone and other things in life popped up, like starting this whole social media experience of mine. I do kind of miss learning how to be a chef and running all of the stations, and to put on the white coat again would bring back so many nostalgic feelings and maybe a true sense of purpose and goals. I would feel so strong and driven, knowing that I have a solid path to go upon.

I was passionate about learning to play guitar and this has been an on and off thing for a number of years. Everytime I pick up my old acoustic, a feeling comes back to me, like meeting an old friend again and I have no trouble remembering the basic chords and strumming patterns. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert player but I know more about music than I did before I decided to buy a guitar nearly six years ago, just to know that I owned an actual instrument.

I’ve always had a mild fascination with taking pictures, mostly from the amateur perspective, and that is what led me to eventually start blogging. Preserving the world through the art of photography is a valuable skill. Life’s fleeting moments deserve to be shared with others.

More often that not, a passion comes by through impulses, acting with your gut feeling, just winging it and seeing what happens. Eventually you like it so much that you can’t stop thinking about becoming great at it. And that is where you start to have a vision – and anyone with a vision is destined for great things.

Something that you are truly passionate about burns likes a candle, and it is up to you to keep that fire burning. Keep nurturing that fire until you see the big image of what you want to achieve. Don’t stop until all of your energy put into making those flames dance and thrive is exhausted.


The Mathemagician

Pyros dance in the flames

Surfers soak in the waves

Hackers live in the code using

Their high wired brains

And now I have been granted

A most powerful experience

Having all of these traits

Wrapped up in one neat package

I’m a story page turning

Mathematical genius

With a little bit of fire breathing,

Water shooting damage

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Do you Believe in Magic?.”

You have been transformed into a mystical being who has the ability to do magic. Describe your new abilities in detail. How will you use your new skills?

One Word Photo Challenge: Hot

owpc_hot3 owpc_hot4


The blue flames shoot out of the tiny slots of the stove burner, barely connected but by tiny strands of gas power. The far reaching parts of the flames go from orange to bright yellow to white hot. It’s interesting to know why the flames come out in a blue color, but I’m thinking that has to do with the elements in the gas, such as hydrogen, which is naturally blue.

This glass of red punch is for the color red, a reference to something hot.


And here it is shot head on, with the picture set at a medium contrast to get this rich dark looking liquid – the complexion of blood and reflective beauty of red wine, which it isn’t.

One Word Photo Challenge: Hot