Cats R Us


I’ve had cats my whole life, lots and lots of them. About every ridiculous name you could imagine has been applied to my furry friends, some of them by me, some by others, some of them by accident.

Almost every cat’s name I can remember:

Cocoa, Blackie, Napster, Whiskers, Gracie, Fluffy, Smuckers, Kimba (previously Flatty and then Flutters), Goldie (2 cats), Cocoa-Vanilla, Pineappler (not a mispelling), Spaz, Midnight, Freefall, Velvet, Chet, Darby, Chester, Jesus, Paczki, Boo-boo, Peaches, Bubbles, Brewster, and I’m sure there’s more but this is a start.

I’ve had one dog in my entire life and it’s name was Deuce. A small dog given to us that we only had for a few months before he was taken away. He usually stayed tied up outside on the porch because of the dozens of cats inside getting him riled up and scared.

Besides cats, I had a couple fish as pets as well. They’re a lot easier to take care but a lot less interesting (and don’t live long). I remember the first time I flushed a fish down the toilet after it was found upside down in the fish bowl. There were no tears. I was old enough already having witnessed death before.

Buddy and An Odd Trio

Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge: Food

Welcome to the photography challenge club, Shannon. She just started up a new challenge last week. The more angles on photography, the better. I gathered up some pictures of food from my Flickr archives to show as a late entry before she does another one tomorrow. I love taking pictures of food.

Mango-Key Lime
Mango key-lime cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.
Mango-Key Lime Cheesecake
Closer shot of the cheesecake. That whipped cream was placed so carefully on the top.
Jalapeno nachos
Jalapeno nachos
Slammin' Salmon
Cuts of salmon in a deli counter
Lobster on ice in a deli